BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
develvrms: Added a utility from Debian to list non-free packagesEric Sandall14 years
devel-bash-4liferea: Updated to version 1.4.26George Sherwood13 years
devel-boostboost: => 1_52_0Treeve Jelbert9 years
devel-bugzillabugzilla: => 4.2.16 [security]Vlad Glagolev6 years
devel-cinnamonMerge branch 'master' into devel-cinnamonEric Sandall7 years
devel-dockerioMerge branch 'master' into dockerioEric Sandall6 years
devel-emacsscss-mode: add proper descriptionIsmael Luceno11 years
devel-firefox4firefox: question updated, which xulrunner library usedLadislav Hagara11 years
devel-gccMerge branch 'master' into devel-gccEric Sandall11 years
devel-gcc-4.7Merge branch 'master' into devel-gcc-4.7Eric Sandall7 years
devel-gcc-4.8gcc 4.8.4Ismael Luceno7 years
devel-gcc-4.9gcc: Remove unpacking of go and fortran, tarballs long goneIsmael Luceno7 years
devel-gcc-parallelg++ added <host>-{gc}++ symlinksDavid Brown14 years
devel-giflib-5giflib: => 5.0.1Treeve Jelbert9 years
devel-gisscience/TODO: updated, only ossim* spells are still left in this branch,Jaka Kranjc10 years
devel-glibcMerge branch 'local-WIP' into devel-glibcAndraž Levstik14 years
devel-glibc-2.15Merge branch 'master' into devel-glibc-2.15Ladislav Hagara9 years
devel-gnomevinagre: updated to 2.26.0Robin Cook13 years
devel-gnome-2.30See Glagolev12 years
devel-gnome-2.32Merge branch 'master' into gnomeLadislav Hagara11 years
devel-gnome-3.0.0Merge branch 'master' into gnomeLadislav Hagara10 years
devel-gnome-3.4.0Merge branch 'master' into gnomeLadislav Hagara10 years
devel-gnome-3.6.0Merge branch 'master' into devel-gnome-3.6.0Ladislav Hagara9 years
devel-google-chromegoogle-chromium: Make INSTALL executable, never gotten this far to notice :(Eric Sandall12 years
devel-icedteautox: new spell, Lightweight Tox clientIsmael Luceno5 years
devel-icuicu: => 54.1Treeve Jelbert7 years
devel-kde3_removalChangeLog: moved changes from the branch to the top and edited the date.Bor Kraljič10 years
devel-kde43oxygen-icons - fix broken WEB_SITETreeve Jelbert12 years
devel-kde44soprano: => 2.4.1Treeve Jelbert12 years
devel-kde47Revert "policykit-kde: PATCHLEVEL++ for /opt/kde4 -> /usr change"Bor Kraljič10 years
devel-kde470Merge branch 'master' into devel-kde470Bor Kraljič10 years
devel-kde48ChangeLog: updated date before the mergeBor Kraljič10 years
devel-kde49Merge branch 'master' into devel-kde49Ladislav Hagara9 years
devel-kde5-newdolphin-plugins-15.07.80Treeve Jelbert6 years
devel-kde5-pimkde5-pim/* version 15.07.80Treeve Jelbert6 years
devel-kmodkernels/kmod: updated to 18Pol Vinogradov8 years
devel-kzkazehakase: update to 0.5.8 - can someone please take a look at this... gecko...Andraž Levstik12 years
devel-libpnglibpng 1.6.17Ladislav Hagara7 years
devel-libpng-1.6Merge branch 'master' into devel-libpng-1.6Eric Sandall7 years
devel-llvm-3.0mesalib - add wayland supportTreeve Jelbert10 years
devel-long_desc_fixlibxft: fixed long description wrap (scripted)Bor Kraljič10 years
devel-lua52luasocket: Lua 5.2 compatVlad Glagolev10 years
devel-lxqtMerge branch 'master' into lxqtLadislav Hagara7 years
devel-merge-kde4+plasma5+kde5Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel-merge-kde4+plasma5+kde5Treeve Jelbert7 years
devel-merged-gccgnu/objc: version 4.6.1Florian Franzmann11 years
devel-network-managerMerge branch 'master' into devel-network-managerFinn Haedicke12 years
devel-openofficeMerge branch 'master' into devel-openofficeEric Sandall12 years
devel-private-tj-glibc-no-linux2.4glibc: => 2.15-5Treeve Jelbert10 years
devel-r6xx-r7xx-3dgraphics-libs/mesalib: added fix for libdrm version requirementPol Vinogradov12 years
devel-shadowshadow: clean up home dir configurationThomas Orgis13 years
devel-smgl-ledgersmgl/smgl-ledger: updated to 0.08Alexander Tsamutali14 years
devel-split-qt5qtquick1: => 5.0.2Treeve Jelbert9 years
devel-stable-gcc-4.9gnu/gcc: version 4.9.4Remko van der Vossen3 years
devel-systemdMerge branch 'master' into devel-systemdDavid Kowis10 years
devel-talloctalloc: added versioned source from Kraljič11 years
devel-texlivetexlive: install wrapper scriptsPeng Chang (Charles)11 years
devel-udevMerge branch 'master' into udevLadislav Hagara11 years
devel-udev-kmodkmod: => 8Treeve Jelbert10 years
devel-webkitgtkMerge branch 'devel-gcc-4.8' into devel-webkitgtkPol Vinogradov9 years
devel-xorg-modularnetcdf-fortran: new spellThomas Orgis7 years
devel-xorg-modular-7-3"pixman-0.10.0"Treeve Jelbert14 years
masternet/openresolv: version 3.12.0Pavel Vinogradov4 hours
stable-0.10VERSION: 0.10-10Eric Sandall15 years
stable-0.11VERSION: 0.11-4Eric Sandall15 years
stable-0.12VERSION: 0.12-9Eric Sandall14 years
stable-0.13VERSION: 0.13-6Eric Sandall14 years
stable-0.14VERSION: 0.14-3Eric Sandall14 years
stable-0.15VERSION: 0.15-5Eric Sandall14 years
stable-0.16VERSION: 0.16-1Eric Sandall14 years
stable-0.17VERSION: 0.17-4Eric Sandall14 years
stable-0.18VERSION: 0.18-3Eric Sandall14 years
stable-0.19VERSION: 0.19-6Eric Sandall14 years
stable-0.20VERSION: 0.20-2Eric Sandall14 years
stable-0.21VERSION: 0.21-0Eric Sandall14 years
stable-0.22VERSION 0.22-1Arwed von Merkatz14 years
stable-0.23VERSION: 0.23-0Eric Sandall14 years
stable-0.24neon 0.28.3, SECURITY_PATCH=2Jaka Kranjc13 years
stable-0.25dbus 1.2.4, SECURITY_PATCH=3, CVE-2008-3834Jaka Kranjc13 years
stable-0.26VERSION: 0.26-1Arwed von Merkatz13 years
stable-0.27VERSION: 0.27-4Eric Sandall13 years
stable-0.28VERSION: 0.28-0Arwed von Merkatz13 years
stable-0.29VERSION: 0.29-2Arwed von Merkatz13 years
stable-0.3centericq: security fix, bug 12602George Sherwood16 years
stable-0.30VERSION: 0.30-3Arwed von Merkatz13 years
stable-0.31VERSION: 0.31-3Jeremy Blosser13 years
stable-0.32VERSION: 0.32-2Eric Sandall13 years
stable-0.33utils/ntp: updated to 4.2.4p7Florian Franzmann13 years
stable-0.34VERSION: 0.34-0Arwed von Merkatz13 years
stable-0.35VERSION: 0.35-0Arwed von Merkatz12 years
stable-0.36VERSION: 0.36-1Eric Sandall12 years
stable-0.37VERSION: 0.37-0Arwed von Merkatz12 years
stable-0.38VERSION: 0.38-2Eric Sandall12 years
stable-0.39VERSION: 0.39-3Arwed von Merkatz12 years
stable-0.4Add Jeremy Blosser's key to stable and stable-rc and Arwed von Merkatz's key ...Eric Sandall15 years
stable-0.40VERSION: 0.40-1Eric Sandall12 years
stable-0.41VERSION: 0.41-2Eric Sandall12 years
stable-0.42VERSION: 0.42-4Arwed von Merkatz12 years
stable-0.43VERSION: 0.43-7George Sherwood12 years
stable-0.44VERSION: 0.44-4George Sherwood12 years
stable-0.45VERSION: 0.45-4George Sherwood12 years
stable-0.46VERSION: 0.46-5George Sherwood11 years
stable-0.47VERSION: 0.47-4George Sherwood11 years
stable-0.48Revert "doxygen: Updated to version 1.7.2"George Sherwood11 years
stable-0.49VERSION: 0.49-4George Sherwood11 years
stable-0.50VERSION: 0.50-3George Sherwood11 years
stable-0.51VERSION: 0.51-3George Sherwood11 years
stable-0.52VERSION: 0.52-3George Sherwood11 years
stable-0.53VERSION: 0.53-3George Sherwood11 years
stable-0.54VERSION: 0.54-3George Sherwood11 years
stable-0.55VERSION: 0.55-1George Sherwood11 years
stable-0.56VERSION: 0.56-3George Sherwood11 years
stable-0.57VERSION: 0.57-0George Sherwood11 years
stable-0.58VERSION: 0.58-2George Sherwood10 years
stable-0.59VERSION: 0.59-4Vlad Glagolev10 years
stable-0.6emphasis and enhance: sources from old SOURCE_URL must be removedLadislav Hagara15 years
stable-0.60VERSION: 0.60-12Vlad Glagolev10 years
stable-0.61VERSION: 0.61-23Vlad Glagolev7 years
stable-0.62python: => 2.7.18 [security]Vlad Glagolev21 months
stable-0.7grub: Added query for graphical boot screen. Bug 12852.(cherry picked from ...George Sherwood15 years
stable-0.8VERSION: 0.8-9Jeremy Blosser15 years
stable-0.9VERSION: 0.9-9Eric Sandall15 years
stable-rc-0.10zope-2.10.3Treeve Jelbert15 years
stable-rc-0.11thunderbird, SECURITY_PATCH=7Ladislav Hagara15 years
stable-rc-0.12curl: SECURITY_PATCH++Mathieu Lonjaret15 years
stable-rc-0.13sorcery-pubkeys: added my keyJaka Kranjc14 years
stable-rc-0.14kdenlive: Fix the install by using the 0.5-1 source tarball; now depends on u...Thomas Orgis14 years
stable-rc-0.15thunderbird Hagara14 years
stable-rc-0.16imagemagick: Updated sig. Diff'ed changes and upstream changed aGeorge Sherwood14 years
stable-rc-0.17Revert "python: fix the huge bug in spell: when you have a lot of python modu...Eric Sandall14 years
stable-rc-0.18Merge branch 'stable-rc-0.18' of ssh:// Sandall14 years
stable-rc-0.19archive/bzip2: re-added a HISTORY entry I accidentally removedFlorian Franzmann14 years
stable-rc-0.20graphics-libs/libpng: security updateFlorian Franzmann14 years
stable-rc-0.21Revert "gcc: Updated to 4.3.0"Arwed von Merkatz14 years
stable-rc-0.22console-tools: add missing include, bug 14434Arwed von Merkatz14 years
stable-rc-0.23VERSION: 0.23-rcArwed von Merkatz14 years
stable-rc-0.24Revert "findutils-4.4.0"Arwed von Merkatz13 years
stable-rc-0.25dbus 1.2.4, SECURITY_PATCH=3, CVE-2008-3834Jaka Kranjc13 years
stable-rc-0.26goffice: Auto-conflict with deprecated spells (Bug #14828)Jaka Kranjc13 years
stable-rc-0.27xulrunner: Updated to version SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood13 years
stable-rc-0.28php 5.2.8, 5.3.0alpha3, SECURITY_PATCH=8, #14944Eric Sandall13 years
stable-rc-0.29ncurses: Default for new iso is for UTF-8 to y.George Sherwood13 years
stable-rc-0.30kdelibs4: Now requires pcreEric Sandall13 years
stable-rc-0.31pan: +x DETAILS. Bug 15017George Sherwood13 years
stable-rc-0.32seamonkey: Updated to version 1.1.16. SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood13 years
stable-rc-0.33openscenegraph: Updated to 2.8.0Eric Sandall13 years
stable-rc-0.34Merge branch 'master' into stable-rc-0.34Arwed von Merkatz13 years
stable-rc-0.35e2fsprogs #15257Ladislav Hagara12 years
stable-rc-0.36VERSION: 0.36-rcArwed von Merkatz12 years
stable-rc-0.37policykit: don't build polkitagent if pam isn't used, bug 15427Arwed von Merkatz12 years
stable-rc-0.38kde4-support/FUNCTIONS: don't break if shared-mime-info is not installed, bug...Arwed von Merkatz12 years
stable-rc-0.39mpg123: update to 1.10.0 (remember: needed for libtool 2.2.6b)Thomas Orgis12 years
stable-rc-0.4centericq: security fix, bug 12602George Sherwood16 years
stable-rc-0.40horde: Updated to 3.3.6Eric Sandall12 years
stable-rc-0.41policykit: added patch for shadow support, bug 15552Arwed von Merkatz12 years
stable-rc-0.42VERSION: 0.42-rcArwed von Merkatz12 years
stable-rc-0.43mailx: fixed compilation with the newest opensslVlad Glagolev12 years
stable-rc-0.44VERSION: 0.44-3-rcGeorge Sherwood12 years
stable-rc-0.45gobject-introspection: added cairo to DEPENDSRobin Cook12 years
stable-rc-0.46vte 0.24.3, SECURITY_PATCH=1, #15764Ladislav Hagara12 years
stable-rc-0.47lynx 2.8.7rel.2Ladislav Hagara11 years
stable-rc-0.48gvfs: fixed work with openssh 5.6Vlad Glagolev11 years
stable-rc-0.49webkitgtk 1.2.5, SECURITY_PATCH=2, #15882Ladislav Hagara11 years
stable-rc-0.5vsftpd: fixing bug 12451Eric Sandall15 years
stable-rc-0.50openssl 0.9.8p, 1.0.0b, SECURITY_PATCH=10, #15907Ladislav Hagara11 years
stable-rc-0.51thunderbird 3.1.7, SECURITY_PATCH=24Ladislav Hagara11 years
stable-rc-0.52php: stable updated to version 5.3.5 and legacy updated to versionGeorge Sherwood11 years
stable-rc-0.53ncftp SOURCE_HASH updated, sources changed upstream, #15942Ladislav Hagara11 years
stable-rc-0.54webkitgtk3: Removed syntax error, extra `fi`.Donald Johnson11 years
stable-rc-0.55rdesktop 1.7.0, GPL2 -> GPL3, SECURITY_PATCH=2Ladislav Hagara11 years
stable-rc-0.56eterm 0.9.6, SECURITY_PATCH=2Ladislav Hagara11 years
stable-rc-0.57openswan: => 2.6.34Vlad Glagolev11 years
stable-rc-0.58libsndfile: => 1.0.25 (security)Vlad Glagolev11 years
stable-rc-0.59pidgin 2.10.0, SECURITY_PATCH=11Ladislav Hagara10 years
stable-rc-0.6Badly needed fixing for autofs - it crapped up /etc (including overwriting co...Thomas Orgis15 years
stable-rc-0.60spine: => 0.8.7hVlad Glagolev10 years
stable-rc-0.61clamav-0.97.5 - SECURITY++Treeve Jelbert10 years
stable-rc-0.62python-pypi/pelican: fix SOURCE_URLFlorian Franzmann7 years
stable-rc-0.7apache2: PATCHLEVEL++ to go with last fix. Oops.Jeremy Blosser15 years
stable-rc-0.8wpa_supplicant: made EAP-PSK and EAP-SAKE options mutually exclusive,Juuso Alasuutari15 years
stable-rc-0.9lighttpd: Updated to to 1.4.15. SECURITY_PATCH++ Bug 13712George Sherwood15 years