AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-10-15VERSION: 0.26-1stable-0.26-1stable-0.26Arwed von Merkatz
2008-10-15Merge commit 'origin/stable-rc-0.26-sugar' into stable-0.26Arwed von Merkatz
2008-10-15VERSION: 0.26-0stable-0.26-0Arwed von Merkatz
2008-10-14udev: fixed regression bug about VOLUME_ID subdepJaka Kranjc
2008-10-14cairo: repairing the previous subdepsJaka Kranjc
2008-10-14gtk+2: use cairo's PS subdep (prolly fixes #14811)Jaka Kranjc
2008-10-14cairo: added PS subdepJaka Kranjc
2008-10-14cairo: patchlevel=1 for the new XCB sub_dependsArjan Bouter
2008-10-14cairo: fixed a typo. --enable xcb -> --enable-xcbArjan Bouter
2008-10-14cairo: added XCB to PRE_SUB_DEPENDS and SUB_DEPENDSJaka Kranjc
2008-10-14gimp: new SOURCE_HASH, a new tarball has been uploadedJaka Kranjc
2008-10-14goffice: Auto-conflict with deprecated spells (Bug #14828)stable-rc-0.26Jaka Kranjc
2008-10-14glibc: Do not overwrite /etc/localtime (Bug #14548)Jaka Kranjc
2008-10-14php-pear/php: fix building of IMAP extension with SSL (Bug #14779)Jaka Kranjc
2008-10-14gnome-vfs-monikers: added libbonobo #14736Jaka Kranjc
2008-10-14gparted: added gnome-doc-utils, rarian #14760Jaka Kranjc
2008-10-14libgig: compile with gcc 4.3 #14785Jaka Kranjc
2008-10-14xvidcap: scrollkeeper was deprecated in favour of rarian #14806Jaka Kranjc
2008-10-14neutrino: scrollkeeper was deprecated in favour of rarian #14806Jaka Kranjc
2008-10-14gnome2-profile: scrollkeeper was deprecated in favour of rarian #14806Jaka Kranjc
2008-10-14qt4: changed gstreamer to gst-plugins-base #14682Jaka Kranjc
2008-10-07dbus 1.2.4, SECURITY_PATCH=3, CVE-2008-3834Jaka Kranjc
2008-10-07python-pypi/tagpy: depend on boost, then -sub on PYTHON (Bug #14779)Jaka Kranjc
2008-10-07ratpoison: DEPENDS: added libxtst #14773Jaka Kranjc
2008-10-04udev: fixed number of weird bugs caused by previous commitJaka Kranjc
2008-10-01VERSION: 0.26-rcArwed von Merkatz
2008-10-01gimp-lqr-plugin: Updated to version 0.4.0-4. depends liblqrGeorge Sherwood
2008-10-01liblqr: Added new spell for gimp-lqr-pluginGeorge Sherwood
2008-10-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Sherwood
2008-10-01autopano-sift-c: Forgot HISTORY entryGeorge Sherwood
2008-10-01gimp-help-2: Updated to version 2.4.1. Updated SOURCE andGeorge Sherwood
2008-10-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Hagara
2008-10-01ncftp: updated SOURCE_HASH, autocrap changes (wich)Ladislav Hagara
2008-10-01db: only trigger the level 1 dependencies, not recursivelyJaka Kranjc
2008-10-01autopano-sift-c: Added release version 2.5.0. Only develGeorge Sherwood
2008-10-01gifsicle: Updated to version 1.52George Sherwood
2008-10-01fontforge: Updated to version 20080927George Sherwood
2008-10-01flphoto: Updated to version 1.3.1George Sherwood
2008-10-01Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Bouter
2008-10-01libmp4v2: added DEPENDS missing from my previous commitArjan Bouter
2008-10-01gegl: Only apply patch if ffmpeg-svn is LIBAVCODEC providerGeorge Sherwood
2008-10-01xfce/xfburn: fixed installation paths for SVN branchPol Vinogradov
2008-10-01suds: => 0.3Vlad Glagolev
2008-09-30glibc: Set default version to show when unconfigured (cosmetic)Eric Sandall
2008-09-30hugin: Updated to version 0.7.0_rc6. Now used cmake.George Sherwood
2008-09-30enblend: Updated to version 3.2. Removed unneeded gcc 4.3 patch.George Sherwood
2008-10-01gimp 2.6.0Ladislav Hagara
2008-09-30brlcad: Updated to version 7.12.4. Patch not needed for system libpng.George Sherwood
2008-09-30djview4: Updated to version 4.4George Sherwood
2008-09-30djvulibre: Updated to version 3.5.21George Sherwood