AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-05-13VERSION: 0.20-2stable-0.20-2stable-0.20Eric Sandall
2008-05-13linux Hagara
2008-05-13linux: => 2.6.25Vlad Glagolev
2008-05-13vlc 0.8.6g, SECURITY_PATCH=6Ladislav Hagara
2008-05-13rdesktop 1.6.0Ladislav Hagara
2008-05-13thunderbird: Updated to version SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood
2008-05-13php-pear/php: changed SOURCE_URL for suhosin patch; made PRE_BUILD apply it p...Elisamuel Resto
2008-05-13php 5.2.6, SECURITY_PATCH=7 [Bug 14506]Ladislav Hagara
2008-05-13libpng: Added a depends for autogen.shGeorge Sherwood
2008-05-13libpng: Downgraded to latest stable version 1.28. PatchGeorge Sherwood
2008-05-01asterisk: Updated to, SECURITY_PATCH++, bug 14498Martin Spitzbarth
2008-04-29VERSION: 0.20-1stable-0.20-1Eric Sandall
2008-04-29rss-glx: fixed #14475 and compilationJaka Kranjc
2008-04-29amule: fixed #14473Jaka Kranjc
2008-04-29ijs: sig was not cross-certified #14355Jaka Kranjc
2008-04-29ijs: changed hpijs to hplip #14356Jaka Kranjc
2008-04-27pinentry: Upstream patch to fix Bug #14471 from Sandall
2008-04-27phpmyadmin, SECURITY_PATCH=11Ladislav Hagara
2008-04-27util-linux, SECURITY_PATCH=1Ladislav Hagara
2008-04-27term-readline-gnu: updated to 1.17a (the old version was _very_ old and also ...Thomas Orgis
2008-04-27term-readline-gnu: fix source directory for special version 1.17aThomas Orgis
2008-04-27speex 1.2beta3.2, SECURITY_PATCH=1 [Bug 14461]Ladislav Hagara
2008-04-27xine-lib 1.1.12, SECURITY_PATCH=8, CVE-2008-1686Ladislav Hagara
2008-04-18VERSION: 0.20-0stable-0.20-0Eric Sandall
2008-04-14graphics-libs/libpng: security updatestable-rc-0.20Florian Franzmann
2008-04-14libopensync-plugin-kdepim: added BUILD (resolves bug 14384)Ivan Lezhnjov Jr
2008-04-14xvidcap: added scrollkeeper dep #14365Jaka Kranjc
2008-04-14indent: fixed html doc installation path #14348Jaka Kranjc
2008-04-13gnupg-exp SECURITY_PATCH=5, CVE-2008-1530 [Bug 14447]Ladislav Hagara
2008-04-13gnupg SECURITY_PATCH=7, CVE-2008-1530 [Bug 14447]Ladislav Hagara
2008-04-13exim: Forgot to update EXIM_TLS check for gnutlsEric Sandall
2008-04-04net/pump: fixed SOURCE (was using PATCHLEVEL)Elisamuel Resto
2008-04-03pump: Increment PATCHLEVEL for installation fixesEric Sandall
2008-04-03net/pump: install pump into /sbinElisamuel Resto
2008-04-03net/pump: nothing but the .mo files were installing, fixed.Elisamuel Resto
2008-04-03net/pump: removed dep on newtElisamuel Resto
2008-04-03openssh SECURITY_FIX++Ladislav Hagara
2008-04-03openssh 5.0p1Ladislav Hagara
2008-04-02m4 1.4.11, SECURITY_PATCH=1Ladislav Hagara
2008-04-02doc/xpdf: added a security patchFlorian Franzmann
2008-04-02asterisk: Updated to, SECURITY_PATCH++, bug 14427Martin Spitzbarth
2008-04-02vlc 0.8.6fLadislav Hagara
2008-04-02printer/cups: security updateFlorian Franzmann
2008-04-01VERSION: 0.20-rcroot
2008-04-01Revert "reetype2-2.3.5"root
2008-04-01ffmpeg-svn: header install location cleanupArwed von Merkatz
2008-04-01c-ares 1.5.1Ladislav Hagara
2008-04-01ardour2: Added new optional dependencies for 2.4Juuso Alasuutari
2008-04-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Franzmann
2008-04-01ecryptfs-utils 41Ladislav Hagara