AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-02-10VERSION: 0.29-2stable-0.29-2stable-0.29Arwed von Merkatz
2009-02-10xfce-mcs-manager: Added depends libxcursor. Bug #15058George Sherwood
2009-02-10firefox: Updated to version 3.0.6. SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood
2009-02-10xulrunner: Updated to version No releaseGeorge Sherwood
2009-02-10tar: Added REPAIR^all^ too many versions of POST_REMOVEGeorge Sherwood
2009-02-10tar: Added proper REPAIR fileGeorge Sherwood
2009-02-10tar: Add proper fix for info files to be removed fromGeorge Sherwood
2009-02-10geeqie: Updated to version 1.0alpha3. Fixes BugGeorge Sherwood
2009-02-10shadow, SECURITY_PATCH=4, #15052Ladislav Hagara
2009-01-26VERSION: 0.29-1stable-0.29-1Arwed von Merkatz
2009-01-26xorg-server: made mesa header path patch optionalEthan Grammatikidis
2009-01-26FUNCTIONS: Removed simple form duplicate get_kernel_version()Eric Sandall
2009-01-26linux Kranjc
2009-01-26linux: updated maintenance patches for the uber-stable kernel branchesJaka Kranjc
2009-01-26linux 2.6.29-rc2Jaka Kranjc
2009-01-26linux Kranjc
2009-01-26linux: as uber-stable kernelJaka Kranjc
2009-01-22libnotify, notification-daemon{,-xfce}: Fix dependency orderingGeorge Sherwood
2009-01-22x86info needs python #15033George Sherwood
2009-01-18xorg-server: Fix typo.George Sherwood
2009-01-18xorg-server: Added patch to fix Bug #14937.George Sherwood
2009-01-18iasl: Missed +x on cherry pickGeorge Sherwood
2009-01-18iasl: Added upstream patch to fix bison 2.4George Sherwood
2009-01-18iasl: Updated to version 20081204George Sherwood
2009-01-17VERSION: 0.29-0stable-0.29-0Arwed von Merkatz
2009-01-14ncurses: Default for new iso is for UTF-8 to y.stable-rc-0.29George Sherwood
2009-01-13xfce4-xkb-plugin: Added depends libxklavier andGeorge Sherwood
2009-01-13rhythmbox #15022 (added patch due to libmtp)Ladislav Hagara
2009-01-13glibc: fix linking, bug 15014Arwed von Merkatz
2009-01-13openssh: Changed optional_depends XORG-SERVER toGeorge Sherwood
2009-01-13openssh: Removed depends xauth. It isn't needed unlessGeorge Sherwood
2009-01-13net-tools: Added patch to fix compile error.George Sherwood
2009-01-13gegl: Removed patch and PRE_BUILD. Not needed for ffmpeg-svnGeorge Sherwood
2009-01-13drivel: Updated to version 2.0.3 Added depends gtksourceview1.George Sherwood
2009-01-13ptlib: Added conflicts pwlib. Bug 15002George Sherwood
2009-01-13pwlib: Added conflicts ptlib. Bug 15002George Sherwood
2009-01-13sqlobject: needs a recent setuptoolsJaka Kranjc
2009-01-13fontconfig: added TEXT_TO_HTML if docbook was selected #14715Jaka Kranjc
2009-01-13openssl: added link to security advisoryLadislav Hagara
2009-01-13openssl 0.9.8j, SECURITY_PATCH=4Ladislav Hagara
2009-01-13kdeedu: needs also boost::python for kig scripting #13181Jaka Kranjc
2009-01-13Revert "busybox: use persistent_add instead of export" Bug #14965George Sherwood
2009-01-03VERSION: 0.29-rcArwed von Merkatz
2009-01-03gpm: UP_TRIGGERS: added due to soname changeJaka Kranjc
2009-01-03Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://ž Levstik
2009-01-03pyicqt: fresh dependsAndraž Levstik
2009-01-03pymsnt: fresh dependsAndraž Levstik
2009-01-03gpm: 1.20.5Jaka Kranjc
2009-01-03cdparanoia: fixed gcc 4.3 anomaly #14989Jaka Kranjc
2009-01-03sqlobject: added missing setuptools #15001Jaka Kranjc