AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-09-18gvfs: fixed work with openssh 5.6stable-rc-0.48Vlad Glagolev
2010-09-12sqlite: Hopefully have it right this time. I think many of theseGeorge Sherwood
2010-09-12sqlite: Fix logic in PRE_SUB_DEPENDS. This is why sqlite wasGeorge Sherwood
2010-09-12sqlite: added option SECURE_DELETE to *SUB_DEPENDSLadislav Hagara
2010-09-12sqlite: added option SQLITE_SECURE_DELETELadislav Hagara
2010-09-12firefox 3.6.9, SECURITY_PATCH=35Ladislav Hagara
2010-09-12xulrunner, FFVERSION=3.6.9, SECURITY_PATCH=17Ladislav Hagara
2010-09-12ruby-1.8: => 1.8.7-p302Vlad Glagolev
2010-09-12sudo 1.7.4p4, SECURITY_PATCH=5Ladislav Hagara
2010-09-12webkitgtk 1.2.4, SECURITY_PATCH=1Ladislav Hagara
2010-09-12seamonkey 2.0.7, SECURITY_PATCH=26Ladislav Hagara
2010-09-12thunderbird: Added new thunderbird upstream key. Only could verifyGeorge Sherwood
2010-09-12thunderbird: Updated to version 3.1.3. SECURITY_PATCH++. Changed fromGeorge Sherwood
2010-09-10ncurses: Allow forcing UTF8 fonts (Bug #15760)Eric Sandall
2010-09-10util-linux: May use ncurses (for cfdisk), but requires UTF8 support if soEric Sandall
2010-09-10ruby-1.9: => 1.9.2-p0Treeve Jelbert
2010-09-04encfs 1.7.1Ladislav Hagara
2010-09-04encfs: added TRIGGERS, #15817Ladislav Hagara
2010-09-01VERSION: 0.48-rcGeorge Sherwood
2010-09-02lftp 4.0.10Ladislav Hagara
2010-09-02Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Franzmann
2010-09-02science/r: version 2.11.1Florian Franzmann
2010-09-02e16 1.0.5Ladislav Hagara
2010-09-02mdadm: => 3.1.4Vlad Glagolev
2010-09-01wireshark: post-update fixesVlad Glagolev
2010-09-01m4 1.4.15Ladislav Hagara
2010-09-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Franzmann
2010-09-01windowmanagers/awesome: corrected copyrightFlorian Franzmann
2010-09-01Revert "windowmanager/awesome: corrected copyright notice"Florian Franzmann
2010-09-01Merge branch 'devel-kde451'Bor Kraljič
2010-09-01kdesdk4: updated spell to 4.5.1Bor Kraljič
2010-09-01kdeplasmoids4: corrected the path for sed editBor Kraljič
2010-09-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Franzmann
2010-09-01windowmanager/awesome: corrected copyright noticeFlorian Franzmann
2010-09-01devel/florist: actually install florist.gpr fromFlorian Franzmann
2010-09-01aria2: updated spell to 1.10.2Bor Kraljič
2010-09-01kdelibs4: added hack to search for phonon in /opt/kde4 firstBor Kraljič
2010-09-01soprano: updated spell to 2.5.0Bor Kraljič
2010-09-01kdelibs4: removed lines to apply patchBor Kraljič
2010-09-01phonon: Fixed SOURCE & updated spell to 4.4.2Bor Kraljič
2010-09-01attica: updated spell to 0.1.4Bor Kraljič
2010-08-31xfce/xfburn: fixed BUILD for git version, added docbook-xsl required dependen...Pol Vinogradov
2010-08-31init.d/ checkfs() fixed to properly remove /fastboot.David Haley
2010-08-31Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Haley
2010-08-31 video/mplayer : adding optional dep on yasmPhilippe Caseiro
2010-08-31akonadi: updated spell to 1.4.0Bor Kraljič
2010-08-31kdeplasmoids4: updated spell to 4.5.1Bor Kraljič
2010-08-31kdepimlibs4: updated spell to 4.5.1Bor Kraljič
2010-08-31oxygen-icons: updated spell to 4.5.1Bor Kraljič
2010-08-31kdewebdev4: updated spell to 4.5.1Bor Kraljič