AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-03-15grub: Added query for graphical boot screen. Bug 12852.(cherry picked from ...stable-0.7George Sherwood
2007-03-11kdelibs - security fix CVE-2007-0537Treeve Jelbert
2007-03-10estickies: SOURCE_URL's fix, e17/proto -> e17/apps [Bug 13584]Ladislav Hagara
2007-03-10edje_viewer: SOURCE_URL's fix, e17/proto -> e17/apps [Bug 13586]Ladislav Hagara
2007-03-10yafc: fixing bug 13587Mathieu Lonjaret
2007-03-10init.d: fixed kernel version checking in DEPENDS that erroneously causedJaka Kranjc
2007-03-10shadow: fixing bug 13600, is replaced by pam_unix.soThomas Orgis
2007-03-08thunderbird: ENIGMAIL_VERSION=0.94.3, SECURITY_PATCH=6Ladislav Hagara
2007-03-08gnupg-exp 2.0.3, SECURITY_PATCH=4Ladislav Hagara
2007-03-08phpmyadmin, SECURITY_PATCH=6Ladislav Hagara
2007-03-08gnupg and gpgme: added official announceLadislav Hagara
2007-03-08gpgme 1.1.4, SECURITY_PATCH=1Ladislav Hagara
2007-03-08gnupg 1.4.7, SECURITY_PATCH=6Ladislav Hagara
2007-03-07pcsc-lite 1.4.0Ladislav Hagara
2007-03-04expect: fixed SOURCE_HASH [Bug 10714]Ladislav Hagara
2007-03-04gaim: Fixed svn to use http vice https for svn. Bug 12617.George Sherwood
2007-03-04firefox: added sedit to fix firefox-plugin.pc. Bug 13581.Jaka Kranjc
2007-03-04seamonkey: Updated to version 1.1.1. SECURITY_PATCH++Jaka Kranjc
2007-03-01kronolith security update to 2.1.4Eric Sandall
2007-03-01 rapidsvn: fixed wxgtk dependency for bug 11074Tommy Boatman
2007-03-01madwifi updated to (Security update and latest stable release)Eric Sandall
2007-02-26VERSION: add a stub for the rest of this release's lifetime for theJeremy Blosser
2007-02-26fix #13495Jaka Kranjc
2007-02-24linux: set LATEST_maintenance_patches= for bug #13557Jeremy Blosser
2007-02-24linux updated 2.6.16 maintenance patchesroot
2007-02-24linux updated 2.6.1[89] maintenance patchesroot
2007-02-24linux updated misc maintenance patchesDavid Brown
2007-02-24linux updated 2.6.16 maintenance patchesDavid Brown
2007-02-24linux updated 2.6.18 and 2.6.16 maintenance patchesDavid Brown
2007-02-24nagDavid Kowis
2007-02-24Fixing a bug with [[ ]] syntaxDavid Kowis
2007-02-24Fixing a syntax errorDavid Kowis
2007-02-24mnemoDavid Kowis
2007-02-24firefox: In INSTALL fix the *.pc files to match the install. Wasn'tGeorge Sherwood
2007-02-24firefox SECURITY_PATCH=7Ladislav Hagara
2007-02-24firefox Hagara
2007-02-23vlc: updated to 0.8.6aArwed v. Merkatz
2007-02-22postgresql-8.2.3Treeve Jelbert
2007-02-22postgresql 8.2.2Ladislav Hagara
2007-02-22wireshark 0.99.5, SECURITY_PATCH++Ladislav Hagara
2007-02-22snort, SECURITY_PATCH=1Ladislav Hagara
2007-02-22ffmpeg: updated to use a svn snapshot instead of the 2+ years old broken releaseArwed v. Merkatz
2007-02-21php: Updated to version 5.2.1. SECURITY_PATCH++. Removed PRE_BUILD andGeorge Sherwood
2007-02-19php4: Updated to version 4.4.5. SECURITY_PATCH++(cherry picked from commit 80...George Sherwood
2007-02-18firefox: removed obsolete gtk version conditionalJuuso Alasuutari
2007-02-18nagiosDavid Kowis
2007-02-17apache2: PATCHLEVEL++ to go with last fix. Oops.Jeremy Blosser
2007-02-17apache2: use absolute paths in config.layout (bug 13510)Jeremy Blosser
2007-02-17coreutils: patchlevel++Jaka Kranjc
2007-02-16kqemu is now in the normal grimoires, remove z-rejected dependency from qemuEric Sandall