AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-12-10php 5.2.8, 5.3.0alpha3, SECURITY_PATCH=8, #14944stable-rc-0.28Eric Sandall
2008-12-10monodoc 2.0, #14941Eric Sandall
2008-12-10lvm SOURCE_HASH updated, #14938Eric Sandall
2008-12-10libcap: trigger only the first level deps #14781Eric Sandall
2008-12-10vlc: Updated to version 0.9.8a. SECURITY_PATCH++Eric Sandall
2008-12-10nmap: fixed zenmap requirements #14922Eric Sandall
2008-12-10musepack-tools: unbork #14907Eric Sandall
2008-12-10xfce4-trigger-launcher: removed spell. Was removed with xfceEric Sandall
2008-12-10beep-media-player: needs -O2 or more to compile #14584Eric Sandall
2008-12-10xfce4-systray: Removed. Deprecated 3 months ago.Eric Sandall
2008-12-03vlc 0.9.8Ladislav Hagara
2008-12-03osmo: Updated to version 0.2.4. Bug #14926George Sherwood
2008-12-01VERSION: 0.28-rcArwed von Merkatz
2008-12-01curl: Removed options for nss to provide SSL. Too manyGeorge Sherwood
2008-12-01gimp-help-2 2.4.2Ladislav Hagara
2008-12-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Jelbert
2008-12-01libpng: committed missing changeVlad Glagolev
2008-12-01libpng: fixed compilation for the apps like inkscapeVlad Glagolev
2008-12-01"ntfs-3g-1.5130"Treeve Jelbert
2008-12-01trayer: fixed compilation #14840Jaka Kranjc
2008-12-01midori: Updated to version 0.1.1George Sherwood
2008-12-01gparted 0.4.1Ladislav Hagara
2008-12-01bluez: 4.21Jaka Kranjc
2008-12-01vlc 0.9.7, SECURITY_PATCH=9, SA-0811, CVE-2008-5276Ladislav Hagara
2008-12-01xedit 1.1.2Ladislav Hagara
2008-12-01mhwaveedit: added lame suggest depVlad Glagolev
2008-12-01gftp: => 2.0.19Vlad Glagolev
2008-11-30ptlib: Added option --disable-odbc to fix Bug 14924.George Sherwood
2008-11-30Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Cook
2008-11-30totem: updated to 2.24.3Robin Cook
2008-11-30totem-pl-parser: updated to 2.24.2Robin Cook
2008-11-30sound-juicer: updated to 2.24.0Robin Cook
2008-11-30orca: updated to 2.24.2Robin Cook
2008-11-30gucharmap: updated to 2.24.2Robin Cook
2008-11-30gok: updated to 2.24.0Robin Cook
2008-11-30gnome-system-tools: updated to 2.22.1Robin Cook
2008-11-30gnome-power-manager: updated to 2.24.2Robin Cook
2008-11-30gcalctool: updated to 5.24.2Robin Cook
2008-11-30file-roller: updated to 2.24.2Robin Cook
2008-11-30evolution-exchange: updated to 2.24.2Robin Cook
2008-11-30evolution: updated to 2.24.2Robin Cook
2008-12-01p7zip: => 4.61Vlad Glagolev
2008-11-30epiphany-extensions: updated to 2.24.1Robin Cook
2008-11-30eog2: updated to 2.24.2Robin Cook
2008-11-30deskbar-applet: updated to 2.24.2Robin Cook
2008-11-30bug-buddy2: updated to 2.24.2Robin Cook
2008-11-30vino: updated to 2.24.1Robin Cook
2008-11-30gnome-utils2: updated to 2.24.1Robin Cook
2008-11-30gnome-terminal: updated to 2.24.2Robin Cook
2008-11-30gnome-system-monitor: updated to 2.24.1Robin Cook