AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-04-12VERSION: 0.42-4stable-0.42-4stable-0.42Arwed von Merkatz
2010-04-12fuse: corrected pkgconfig dir, b0rked by some of the previous commitsVlad Glagolev
2010-04-12git: fixed bug 15652David Kowis
2010-04-07VERSION: 0.42-3stable-0.42-3Arwed von Merkatz
2010-04-07castfs: Updated to 0.6.1 (Fix Bug #15636)Eric Sandall
2010-04-07fuse: Install binaries to / (Bug #15622)Eric Sandall
2010-04-07evince: Depends on shared-mime-info (Bug #15613)Eric Sandall
2010-04-07VERSION: 0.42-2stable-0.42-2Arwed von Merkatz
2010-04-07firefox: Updated to version 3.6.3. SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood
2010-04-07xulrunner: Updated to version SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood
2010-04-07shared-desktop-ontologies: fixed SOURCE_URL, bug 15639Arwed von Merkatz
2010-04-07alpine: update topal to 72, fixes bug 15633Andraž Levstik
2010-03-29VERSION: 0.42-1stable-0.42-1Eric Sandall
2010-03-29ruby-1.8: => 1.8.7-p249 [security update]Vlad Glagolev
2010-03-29openldap: recast curl on every openldap updateVlad Glagolev
2010-03-29php: corrected libsasl dependency with openldapVlad Glagolev
2010-03-29Revert "pygtk2: => 2.17.0"Vlad Glagolev
2010-03-29bonnie++: updating version so it can be usedDavid Kowis
2010-03-16VERSION: 0.42-0stable-0.42-0Eric Sandall
2010-03-01VERSION: 0.42-rcstable-rc-0.42Arwed von Merkatz
2010-03-01imagemagick: Updated to version 6.6.0-0. First commit from inflight. :)George Sherwood
2010-03-01Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://ž Levstik
2010-03-01xmms2: update to version 0.7DrNoAndraž Levstik
2010-03-01game-music-emu: new spell, game music emulator libraryAndraž Levstik
2010-03-01utils/niced: new spell, a renice daemonFlorian Franzmann
2010-03-01merkaartor: => 0.15.1Bor Kraljič
2010-03-01diakonos: really mini spell changeBor Kraljič
2010-03-01diakonos: fixing mistakes: removing blabla:)Bor Kraljič
2010-02-28webkitgtk: Updated devel to version 1.1.22George Sherwood
2010-03-01lxml: => 2.2.5Vlad Glagolev
2010-02-28hplip 3.10.2Ladislav Hagara
2010-02-28merkaartor: => 0.15Bor Kraljič
2010-02-28mc Hagara
2010-02-28parted 2.2Ladislav Hagara
2010-02-28kdenlive4: => Kraljič
2010-02-28hicolor-icon-theme: => 0.12Bor Kraljič
2010-02-28strigi: => 0.7.2Bor Kraljič
2010-02-28lame: => 3.98.3Bor Kraljič
2010-02-27Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Jelbert
2010-02-27libisoburn: => 0.5.0.pl00Treeve Jelbert
2010-02-27pmount: bump to 0.9.20Thomas Orgis
2010-02-27mpg123: bump to 1.10.1Thomas Orgis
2010-02-27diakonos: => 0.8.12 & some spell changesBor Kraljič
2010-02-27gss: => 0.1.2Treeve Jelbert
2010-02-26Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Boatman
2010-02-26 phonon: change QTDIR to fix bug 15605Tommy Boatman
2010-02-26xkeyboard-config: Fails install with multiple make jobsEric Sandall
2010-02-26mesalib: Fails with multiple make jobsEric Sandall
2010-02-26libdrm: Upper-case query startEric Sandall
2010-02-26libdrm: Mark Radeon KMS as experimentalEric Sandall