AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-12-10VERSION: 0.27-4stable-0.27-4stable-0.27Eric Sandall
2008-12-10php 5.2.8, 5.3.0alpha3, SECURITY_PATCH=8, #14944Ladislav Hagara
2008-12-10monodoc 2.0, #14941Eric Sandall
2008-12-10vlc: Updated to version 0.9.8a. SECURITY_PATCH++Eric Sandall
2008-12-03VERSION: 0.27-3stable-0.27-3Arwed von Merkatz
2008-12-03vlc 0.9.8Ladislav Hagara
2008-12-03vlc 0.9.7, SECURITY_PATCH=9, SA-0811, CVE-2008-5276Ladislav Hagara
2008-12-03video/vlc: added the patch missing fromFlorian Franzmann
2008-12-03vlc: Requires extra configure options when building withoutGeorge Sherwood
2008-12-03video/vlc: added a patch to fix integrated video displayFlorian Franzmann
2008-12-03osmo: Updated to version 0.2.4. Bug #14926George Sherwood
2008-12-01VERSION: 0.27-2stable-0.27-2Eric Sandall
2008-12-01gst-ffmpeg: removed LIBAVCODEC dependency, too volatile, bug 14912Eric Sandall
2008-12-01trayer: fixed compilation #14840Eric Sandall
2008-12-01VERSION: 0.27-1stable-0.27-1Eric Sandall
2008-12-01sidplay-libs: Added patches for Bug 14905 from gentoo.Eric Sandall
2008-12-01samba: Updated to version 3.2.5. SECURITY_PATCH++Eric Sandall
2008-12-01config_query_multi.function: fixed two issues, patch by FredrikEric Sandall
2008-12-01mjpegtools: gcc-4.3.patch: added for #14913Eric Sandall
2008-12-01fcrontabs: turn off staging, as it runs fcron that doesn't like it #14911Eric Sandall
2008-12-01devtodo: gcc4.3.0_fix.diff: added for #14910Eric Sandall
2008-12-01recode: Removed unneeded BUILD. Patch was previously removed.Eric Sandall
2008-12-01ngrep: Added --with-pcap-includes=/usr/include/pcap toEric Sandall
2008-12-01gmrun 0.9.2 #14899Eric Sandall
2008-12-01graphviz: Added check for cairo with librsvg2 if optionalEric Sandall
2008-12-01madwifi: Updated subversion SOURCE_URL. Bug #14890Eric Sandall
2008-12-01ghostscript: Added option for file formats only, no printers.Eric Sandall
2008-12-01git: fixed #14887Eric Sandall
2008-12-01xfce4-dict: Update to 0.5.1Eric Sandall
2008-12-01gnome-vfs2: Added || true to FINAL to fix failure if nothingEric Sandall
2008-12-01libtksu: Added depends libglade2 and gconf2. Bug 14882.Eric Sandall
2008-12-01dhcp: fix the changing, but bad install path #14878Eric Sandall
2008-12-01xbindkeys: added tk and guile #14875Eric Sandall
2008-12-01wmtop: fix manpath #14817Eric Sandall
2008-12-01dirac: Added upstream patch to fix problem with buildingEric Sandall
2008-12-01xcolor: Added depends ghostscript. Bug #14780Eric Sandall
2008-12-01mp3info: use the correct man path #14702Eric Sandall
2008-12-01glitz: added OPENGL #14646Eric Sandall
2008-12-01virtualbox 2.0.6Eric Sandall
2008-12-01virtualbox-module 2.0.6Ladislav Hagara
2008-12-01libtabe: Updated to version 0.2.6. Added Debian patch to fixGeorge Sherwood
2008-11-20VERSION: 0.27-0stable-0.27-0Arwed von Merkatz
2008-11-19xulrunner: Updated to version SECURITY_PATCH++stable-rc-0.27George Sherwood
2008-11-19thunar: Added patch fromGeorge Sherwood
2008-11-19seamonkey: Updated to version 1.1.13. SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood
2008-11-19linux, CVE-2008-5025Ladislav Hagara
2008-11-19ffmpeg: Should be optional_depends libdts vice libdca. Bug #14881George Sherwood
2008-11-19Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Franzmann
2008-11-19vlc 0.9.6Ladislav Hagara
2008-11-19imagemagick: Added CCACHE="off" to DETAILS. See bug #14860George Sherwood