AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-10-12VERSION: 0.13-6stable-0.13-6stable-0.13Eric Sandall
2007-10-12pidgin: Updated to version 2.2.1. SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood
2007-10-12goggles: updated to 0.9.1Arwed von Merkatz
2007-10-12unsermake: switch to a mirrored tarball; SVN is deadThomas Orgis
2007-10-12asterisk: Updated to 1.4.13, SECURITY_PATCH++, Bug 14035Martin Spitzbarth
2007-10-12asterisk: forgot to remove a patch file from the grimoireMartin Spitzbarth
2007-09-26VERSION: 0.13-5stable-0.13-5Eric Sandall
2007-09-26amanda: Added missing guru signature fileMartin Spitzbarth
2007-09-26gurus.gpg: Added my key (0x6B750C1F)Martin Spitzbarth
2007-09-26star: Updated to 1.15a84, SECURITY_PATCH++, Bug 13957Martin Spitzbarth
2007-09-26tar: added upstream patch, SECURITY_PATCH++, bug 13957Martin Spitzbarth
2007-09-26asterisk: updated to 1.4.11 and applied upstream patch. SECURITY_PATCH++Martin Spitzbarth
2007-09-26asterisk.gpg: Added two upstream keys to the keyring.Martin Spitzbarth
2007-09-26VERSION: 0.13-4stable-0.13-4Eric Sandall
2007-09-26kdebase - security fixTreeve Jelbert
2007-09-26kdelibs - security fixTreeve Jelbert
2007-09-26netatalk: Updated to version 2.0.3. Fixed compiles problems withGeorge Sherwood
2007-09-26Revert "reetype2-2.3.5"Eric Sandall
2007-09-26lighttpd: Updated to version 1.4.18. SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood
2007-09-26fix bug #13987Treeve Jelbert
2007-09-26fix bug #13987Treeve Jelbert
2007-09-26ix bug #13987Treeve Jelbert
2007-09-23firefox: Updated to use UPSTREAM_KEY again. Bug 14006George Sherwood
2007-09-23firefox: Hopefully at least now have a working firefox spell. StillGeorge Sherwood
2007-09-23Revert "firefox some of the lines in DETAILS were left commented, uncommentedGeorge Sherwood
2007-09-23firefox some of the lines in DETAILS were left commented, uncommented themDavid Brown
2007-09-20firefox: Updated to version SECURITY_PATCH++. New sigGeorge Sherwood
2007-09-20apache-mod_ssl 2.8.29-1.3.39, SECURITY_PATCH=1Ladislav Hagara
2007-09-20apache 1.3.39, SECURITY_PATCH=2Ladislav Hagara
2007-09-20apache22 2.2.6, SECURITY_PATCH=2Ladislav Hagara
2007-09-20samba 3.0.26a, SECURITY_PATCH=4Ladislav Hagara
2007-09-20krb5: SECURITY_PATCH=5, CVE-2007-3999, CVE-2007-4000Ladislav Hagara
2007-09-20php 5.2.4, SECURITY_PATCH=5Ladislav Hagara
2007-09-20sylpheed 2.4.5, SECURITY_PATCH=1, SA26550Ladislav Hagara
2007-08-27udev: only run coldplugging if udev is usedArwed von Merkatz
2007-08-22VERSION: 0.13-3stable-0.13-3Eric Sandall
2007-08-22pear-xml_serializer: fixed known bugsJaka Kranjc
2007-08-22guilib: REALLY removing BUILDThomas Orgis
2007-08-22guilib: really remove patches and BUILD now, also not needed for alphaThomas Orgis
2007-08-22links-twibright 2.1pre30, SECURITY_PATCH=1Ladislav Hagara
2007-08-22kdebase - security fix 13950Treeve Jelbert
2007-08-22kdelibs - security fix 13950Treeve Jelbert
2007-08-16VERSION: 0.13-2stable-0.13-2Eric Sandall
2007-08-16seamonkey: Updated to version 1.1.4. SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood
2007-08-15VERSION: 0.13-1stable-0.13-1Eric Sandall
2007-08-15gtk-sharp-2: Downgraded to version 2.10.0. That is the version that isGeorge Sherwood
2007-08-15VERSION: 0.13-0Eric Sandall
2007-08-11sorcery-pubkeys: added my keystable-rc-0.13Jaka Kranjc
2007-08-08asterisk-addons: fixed download url and mirrorsMartin Spitzbarth
2007-08-08asterisk: fixed download url and mirrorsMartin Spitzbarth