AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-02-13emphasis and enhance: sources from old SOURCE_URL must be removedstable-0.6Ladislav Hagara
2007-02-07shadow: Don't try to chk non-existant files.Jeremy Blosser
2007-02-07shadow: making the query about restoring shadows an extra one-timer, as Jerem...Thomas Orgis
2007-02-07shadow: fixing the unpleasant result of saying n to the account files convers...Thomas Orgis
2007-02-06apache2: one more tweak, put logs back in /var/logJeremy Blosser
2007-02-06apache2: a couple more minor tweaks for #13295Jeremy Blosser
2007-02-06apache2: a couple more minor tweaks for #13295Jeremy Blosser
2007-02-06Fix Bug #13295 (apache2 sysconfdir is /usr/etc/apache2)Eric Sandall
2007-02-05samba 3.0.24 tarball checksum changed, but contents did notEric Sandall
2007-02-05samba security update to 3.0.24Eric Sandall
2007-02-02e/enhance: update SOURCE_URL (bug #13479)Elisamuel Resto
2007-02-02e/emphasis: update SOURCE_URL (bug #13479)Elisamuel Resto
2007-01-29portaudio19-stable_v19_061121Treeve Jelbert
2007-01-29cdfs 2.6.18Ladislav Hagara
2007-01-29figlet: fix #12243Jaka Kranjc
2007-01-29monotone: fix bug #10262Andra┼ż Levstik
2007-01-29nurbs++ fixed, #11150Jaka Kranjc
2007-01-29hamlib update and cleanup, one less api1 spellJaka Kranjc
2007-01-29evrouter 0.3.3Jaka Kranjc
2007-01-29fix #11098Jaka Kranjc
2007-01-29libpathan: fix #11070Jaka Kranjc
2007-01-29zhcon: update fixes #11064Jaka Kranjc
2007-01-28numeric: Added spell. pygame doesn't work with numpy. It needsJaka Kranjc
2007-01-28Created DEPENDS file, depends on X11-SERVER and libxscrnsaver. Bug 11014Chris Dombroski
2007-01-28Fixing dependencies for gq. Bug 12047Jaka Kranjc
2007-01-28Updating dependency from fftw2 to fftw. Bug 11603Chris Dombroski
2007-01-27Badly needed fixing for autofs - it crapped up /etc (including overwriting co...stable-rc-0.6Thomas Orgis
2007-01-26udev synced from stable-0.4Jaka Kranjc
2007-01-26Revert "init.d: Check which udev version should be used"Jaka Kranjc
2007-01-25glibc: added gcc depJaka Kranjc
2007-01-23shadow: making the account files mods opt-inThomas Orgis
2007-01-23shadow: fixing bug 8834 for good, hopefullyThomas Orgis
2007-01-21wpa_supplicant: changed example config file install loc, added more infoJuuso Alasuutari
2007-01-21wpa_supplicant: Removed redundant is_depends_enabled.function andJuuso Alasuutari
2007-01-21Fix wpa_supplicant's compile with qt-x11 support when qt-x11 was just installedEric Sandall
2007-01-21wpa_supplicant: Added cross-version var compatibility code.Juuso Alasuutari
2007-01-21wpa_supplicant: Added code to gracefully convert devel version to stableJuuso Alasuutari
2007-01-21wpa_supplicant: New stable 0.5.7, 0.4.9 becomes old, devel removed.Juuso Alasuutari
2007-01-21wpa_supplicant: Install example config file.Juuso Alasuutari
2007-01-21wpa_supplicant: Made config file optionalJuuso Alasuutari
2007-01-21wpa_supplicant: install man pages, better default conffile, minor fixesJuuso Alasuutari
2007-01-21wpa_supplicant: Added FINAL, minor fixes.Juuso Alasuutari
2007-01-21wpa_supplicant: fixed spell, added devel branch version 0.5.6.Juuso Alasuutari
2007-01-21finally moving the pam.d/su file to coreutils where the su binaryJaka Kranjc
2007-01-21Fix compilers with delve (Bug #10647)Jaka Kranjc
2007-01-21init.d: Try to fix bug 9177 some more; this isn't final but should get us pastJeremy Blosser
2007-01-21Revert "init.d: fix #7311, proc not showing in /etc/mtab"Jeremy Blosser
2007-01-21dmsetup in init.d/ failing is not fatal (simply no dm in kernel), ...Thomas Orgis
2007-01-21enable device mapper nodes discovery in init.d/mountall.shThomas Orgis
2007-01-20ntp: fixing bug 10551 by creating jaildirTommy Boatman