AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-04-01See Glagolev
2010-04-01See Glagolev
2010-04-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Bouter
2010-04-01evolution: added missing dep on gtkimageviewArjan Bouter
2010-04-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Yonkov
2010-04-01libpst: attempt to let evolution use libpst to import PST files. maybeArjan Bouter
2010-04-01libgnomecanvas: => 2.30.1Vasil Yonkov
2010-04-01libart_lgpl: => 2.3.21Vasil Yonkov
2010-04-01epiphany-extensions: => 2.30.0Vasil Yonkov
2010-04-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Franzmann
2010-04-01ruby-raa/ruby-1.9: added patch to fix build with openssl 1.0.0Florian Franzmann
2010-04-01readpst: version 0.5.3Arjan Bouter
2010-04-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Bouter
2010-04-01gnome-applets2: removed patch, no longer neededArjan Bouter
2010-04-01elicit: PRE_BUILD: -> bootstrapLadislav Hagara
2010-04-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Bouter
2010-04-01bind: added DEPENDS, copy from bind-toolsLadislav Hagara
2010-04-01mutter: version 2.29.1Arjan Bouter
2010-04-01bind-tools optional_depends on opensslLadislav Hagara
2010-04-01virtuoso: => 6.1.1Treeve Jelbert
2010-04-01falcon: => Jelbert
2010-04-01lensfun: => 0.2.5Treeve Jelbert
2010-04-01deprecate devel/boostpythongenerator [replaced by apiextractor]Treeve Jelbert
2010-04-01apiextractor - delte obsolete triggerTreeve Jelbert
2010-04-01openoffice: fixed symlink locationsArjan Bouter
2010-04-01openoffice: fixed dmake prefix in INSTALL and added mythes dependencyArjan Bouter
2010-04-01vala: => 0.8.0Vasil Yonkov
2010-04-01mythes: new spell, thesaurus libraryArjan Bouter
2010-04-01iw: => 0.9.19Vasil Yonkov
2010-04-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Franzmann
2010-04-01crypto/encfs: fixed build with gcc 4.4Florian Franzmann
2010-04-01drizzle-2010.03.1412Treeve Jelbert
2010-04-01libdrizzle: => 0.8Treeve Jelbert
2010-04-01clamav: => 0.96Treeve Jelbert
2010-04-01gtk-doc: removed patches for 1.13Ladislav Hagara
2010-04-01ario 1.4.4Ismael Luceno
2010-04-01git Hagara
2010-04-01dbus-glib 0.86Ladislav Hagara
2010-04-01banshee-community-extensions 1.6.0Ladislav Hagara
2010-04-01banshee 1.6.0Ladislav Hagara
2010-04-01wireshark 1.2.7Ladislav Hagara
2010-03-31ibus: depends on pyxdgIsmael Luceno
2010-03-31tty-clock: fix syntax error in DETAILSIsmael Luceno
2010-04-01metacity: => 2.30.0Vasil Yonkov
2010-04-01gtkhtml2: => 3.30.0Vasil Yonkov
2010-04-01gnome-netstatus: => 2.28.1Vasil Yonkov
2010-04-01dasher: => 4.11Vasil Yonkov
2010-04-01libxml++: => 2.30.0Vasil Yonkov
2010-04-01libbonoboui: => 2.24.3Vasil Yonkov
2010-04-01libbonobo: => 2.24.3Vasil Yonkov