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2008-02-12VERSION: 0.17-4stable-0.17-4stable-0.17Eric Sandall
2008-02-12linux: => Glagolev
2008-02-12linux: => Glagolev
2008-02-12linux: => Glagolev
2008-02-12clamav: Increment SECURITY_PATCH for security fix 0.92.1Eric Sandall
2008-02-12clamav: version bump to 0.92.1Arjan Bouter
2008-02-09VERSION: 0.17-3stable-0.17-3Eric Sandall
2008-02-09psutils: Fix Bug #14289 (cross-certify)Eric Sandall
2008-02-09seamonkey: Updated to version 1.1.8. SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood
2008-02-04VERSION: 0.17-2stable-0.17-2Eric Sandall
2008-02-04utils/nut: use --with-group since --with-user was specified in $OPTSElisamuel Resto
2008-02-04apache: Optionally depends on gdbm (finishes Bug #14241)Eric Sandall
2008-02-04apache 1.3.41, SECURITY_PATCH=3Ladislav Hagara
2008-02-04ide-smart: Use make -B, install manpages to usr/share/man. Fixes bug#14266Martin Spitzbarth
2008-01-27xine-lib 1.1.10Ladislav Hagara
2008-01-22VERSION: 0.17-1stable-0.17-1Eric Sandall
2008-01-22apache22 2.2.8, SECURITY_PATCH=3Ladislav Hagara
2008-01-22apache2 2.0.63Ladislav Hagara
2008-01-22libxml2 2.6.31, SECURITY_PATCH=1Ladislav Hagara
2008-01-22Revert "devel/guile: updated to 1.8.3". This update cause big problemsGeorge Sherwood
2008-01-20xine-lib, SECURITY_PATCH=3, CVE-2008-0225Ladislav Hagara
2008-01-20vobcopy: SECURITY_PATCH++Arwed von Merkatz
2008-01-20vobcopy: updated to 1.1.0Arwed von Merkatz
2008-01-20ftp/deluge: added dependency on librsvg2 (Bug #14216)Elisamuel Resto
2008-01-20ghostscript-fonts-std: Fixed Bug #14212 (signed with non-cross-certify subkey)Eric Sandall
2008-01-15VERSION: 0.17-0stable-0.17-0Eric Sandall
2008-01-11Revert "python: fix the huge bug in spell: when you have a lot of python modu...stable-rc-0.17Eric Sandall
2008-01-10asterisk: Updated to 1.4.17, SECURITY_PATCH++Martin Spitzbarth
2008-01-10asterisk-addons: Updated to 1.4.5Martin Spitzbarth
2008-01-10asterisk.gpg: Added key 9F771EF2 to the keyring, needed for asterisk-1.4.17Martin Spitzbarth
2008-01-09postgresql: SECURITY_FIX=5Ladislav Hagara
2008-01-09postgresql 8.2.6Ladislav Hagara
2008-01-09qt4: added a complement to the bugfix of 2007-11-16 - option changeJaka Kranjc
2008-01-09rss-glx: added imagemagick #14196Jaka Kranjc
2008-01-09libs/sdl:Pol Vinogradov
2008-01-07devil: Fix header inclusion with gcc 4.2 (devil bug #1651292)Eric Sandall
2008-01-07php-pear/php4: updated VERSION to 4.4.8; SECURITY_PATCH++Elisamuel Resto
2008-01-07Revert "flex 2.5.34"Jaka Kranjc
2008-01-07Revert "reetype2-2.3.5"Jaka Kranjc
2008-01-04VERSION: 0.17-rcEric Sandall
2008-01-05Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Glagolev
2008-01-05gbdfed: fixed small dev typoVlad Glagolev
2008-01-04Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// ROZO
2008-01-04sdl_ttf: updated version to 2.0.9, and removed PRE_BUILD and sdl-ttf-2.0.8-no...Julien ROZO
2008-01-04sdl_sound: fixed WEB_SITEJulien ROZO
2008-01-04virtualbox: pulseaudio is now an optional dependency, removed Xcursor.patch a...Julien ROZO
2008-01-05python-devel/django: updated to 0.96.1Alexander Tsamutali
2008-01-04Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Glagolev
2008-01-04transmission: fix the sigVlad Glagolev
2008-01-04itools-0.20.2Treeve Jelbert