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vrms: Added a utility from Debian to list non-free packagesdevel
WIP: Needs to be modified to work with SMGL
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+2008-01-23 Eric Sandall <>
+ * utils/vrms: Utility to list non-free packages
2007-03-15 Eric Sandall <>
* audio-soft/alsamixergui: ALSA mixer GUI based on FLTK
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+ SPELL=vrms
+ VERSION=1.13
+ KEYWORDS="utils"
+ ENTERED=20080123
+ SHORT='utility to remove non-free software'
+cat << EOF
+In the early 1980's Richard M. Stallman created the GNU project, whose goal was
+to provide the world with a Free Operating System (with the word "Free" with
+the same meaning as in "Freedom").
+Since then, a lot of Free Software was developed and entire operating systems
+based only on Free Software were created. Unfortunately, some data is still
+stored in a format that is proprietary, secret and non-standard, made by
+corporations that want to retain control over the users of the software that
+generates such data.
+This, of course, is meant to keep the users following the newer versions of the
+software that "control" the users' data (so that the users can still have
+access to their own creations).
+Also, unfortunately, most of the time, the software for manipulating such data
+is not Free in the sense desired by Richard Stallman. Software that does not
+allow all the freedoms stipulated by Richard Stallman is called non-free
+The vrms program provides the facility for users of Debian-based Operating
+Systems (like Ubuntu Linux to detect if their systems have any non-free
+software installed, so that the users can keep their computer "pure", without
+non-free software.
+The package is now maintained by a team of developers including Bdale Garbee
+(the original author of the package), Stephen Moraco and Rogério Brito on
+Debian's alioth system.
+The source code is maintained with a version control system called Subversion.
+Anybody can obtain the source code for the vrms package from
+and any collaboration is highly appreciated.
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+2008-01-23 Eric Sandall <>
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+chown -R root:root . &&
+install -m 0755 vrms $INSTALL_ROOT/usr/bin/vrms &&
+install -m 0644 vrms.1 $INSTALL_ROOT/usr/share/man/man1/vrms.1 &&
+mkdir -p $INSTALL_ROOT/usr/share/$SPELL &&
+cp -a reasons $INSTALL_ROOT/usr/share/$SPELL
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