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display/fbterm: new spell, framebuffer terminal
Uses fontconfig and freetype2, and it's capable of displaying wide characters (double-byte) just as well as regular monospaced characters. Finally a multilingual capable terminal for the framebuffer (and still maintained).
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+depends fontconfig &&
+depends freetype2
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+ SPELL=fbterm
+ SOURCE="${SPELL}-${VERSION}.tar.gz"
+ SOURCE_URL[0]=http://${SPELL}${SOURCE}
+ SOURCE_HASH=sha512:b17dd5298e4d07e58818628d2bcaadd56416e6dba6ca0ce549b456c6257d6fc5091e79cd69c134baeeaef954c0e2c37bd0db135d24a2677f26afcaf59e3934ae
+ ENTERED=20081026
+ SHORT="A fast frame buffer-based terminal emulator for Linux."
+cat << EOF
+FbTerm is a fast terminal emulator for Linux that uses the frame buffer. It
+is mostly as fast as the Linux kernel's terminal when accelerated scrolling
+is enabled on the frame buffer device. It allows you to select fonts with
+fontconfig, auto-detect and convert text encoding with support for double
+width scripts like Chinese and Japanese etc, dynamically create and destroy
+up to 10 windows, record scroll-back history for every window, and copy/paste
+selected text between windows with mouse the when the gpm server is running.
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+2008-10-26 Justin Boffemmyer <>
+ * DETAILS, DEPENDS: spell created