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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-17Use my current email address everywhereFlorian Franzmann
2021-05-09Update my email address (scripted)Florian Franzmann
2019-06-02fbterm: Add missing edit for muslIsmael Luceno
2019-05-21fbterm: Fix build against muslIsmael Luceno
2018-03-30display/fbterm: fix build with gcc 7Florian Franzmann
2018-03-30display/fbterm: update WEB_SITEFlorian Franzmann
2011-07-30display/fbterm: changed dependency on g++ to dependency on gcc with CXX (scri...Florian Franzmann
2011-04-15display/fbterm: version 1.7Justin Boffemmyer
2009-11-29display/fbterm: updated to 1.6Justin Boffemmyer
2009-05-24display/fbterm: updated to 1.5Justin Boffemmyer
2009-04-19display/fbterm: updated to version 1.4Justin Boffemmyer
2008-10-26display/fbterm: missed g++ dependsJustin Boffemmyer
2008-10-26display/fbterm: new spell, framebuffer terminalJustin Boffemmyer