BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devel-banishImport banishIsmael Luceno10 years
devel-bzrbzr url handlerIsmael Luceno10 years
devel-fix_sf_mirrorsSo this is the only valid mirror, and it auto handles it on's endDavid Kowis8 years
devel-pyroborversion bumpBor Kraljič10 years
devel-pyrobor2Merge branch 'master' into pyrobor-cleanBor Kraljič9 years
devel-sobukus-protectionMerge branch 'devel-sobukus-protection' of ssh:// Orgis6 weeks
masterMakefile: add devinst targetThomas Orgis6 weeks
stable- Kranjc10 years
stable-1.15alter, libcodex: fixed find's subtle semantic break as of 4.5.11Jaka Kranjc5 years
test-1.15alter, libcodex: fixed find's subtle semantic break as of 4.5.11Jaka Kranjc5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-02-26Makefile: add devinst targetHEADmasterThomas Orgis
2021-02-26libdepengine: more avoidance of casts after failuresThomas Orgis
2021-02-26protected: also /bin/login, got bitten by failed shadow installThomas Orgis
2021-02-26libgrimoire: half of RAM as default size of TMPFS source directoriesThomas Orgis
2021-02-26protected: egrep is needed in sorcery itself, even, but also installsThomas Orgis
2021-02-26libdepengine: add short cut for grey dependency loopsThomas Orgis
2021-02-26cast: more debugging, tell differing subshells apartThomas Orgis
2021-02-26Revert "libmisc: Implement one-shot specfile selection"Thomas Orgis
2021-02-26libdepengine: more debuggingThomas Orgis
2021-02-26libmisc: more robust debugging of parallel workThomas Orgis