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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-09Update my email address (scripted)Florian Franzmann
2015-05-27many spells: remove SOURCEFORGE_URL usage ( does transparent load balan...Thomas Orgis
2015-04-16ham/MAINTAINER: updatedVlad Glagolev
2014-12-16cwtext: Replace "bit" suffix with "-bit" in descriptionIsmael Luceno
2013-04-23hamlib: Boatman
2013-04-23aldo: 0.7.7Tommy Boatman
2011-10-14ham/hamfax: removed (we no longer support qt3 (qt-x11))Bor Kraljič
2011-07-30ham/hamlib: changed dependency on g++ to dependency on gcc with CXX (scripted)Florian Franzmann
2010-10-11*.gpg: minimized keyringsBor Kraljič
2010-04-24 unixcw: change qt-x11 dependency to QTTommy Boatman
2010-04-24 unixcw: version 2.3Tommy Boatman
2010-04-24 xlog: version 2.0.3, now with upstream GPG keyTommy Boatman
2010-04-24 hamlib: changed version without updating sha512sum...fixedTommy Boatman
2010-04-24 hamlib: version 1.2.10Tommy Boatman
2010-04-24 ax25-tools: fixed install to properly installTommy Boatman
2010-04-24 ax25-tools: fix install to actually install properlyTommy Boatman
2010-04-24 ax25-tools: removed BUILD_API=1Tommy Boatman
2010-04-24 ax25-apps: removed BUILD_API=1Tommy Boatman
2010-04-21 cwtext: version 0.96Tommy Boatman
2010-04-21 ax25-tools: version 0.0.10-rc2, remove BUILD, CONFIGURE/INSTALLTommy Boatman
2010-04-21 ax25-apps: version 0.0.8-rc2, remove BUILD, add CONFIGURE/INSTALLTommy Boatman
2010-04-21 libax25: version bump to 0.0.12-rc2 (latest release)Tommy Boatman
2010-04-21 aldo: version 0.7.6, move website/source urls, remove BUILDTommy Boatman
2009-09-24ham/xcall: updated depends to texliveAndraž Levstik
2009-09-24ham/xconvers: updated depends to texliveAndraž Levstik
2008-03-12revert almost all the bogus changes I did, sorryIsmael Luceno
2008-03-11unixcw: use persistent_add instead of exportIsmael Luceno
2008-01-27xconvers: api2Jaka Kranjc
2008-01-27xconvers: updated spell to 0.8.3, fixes #12102Jaka Kranjc
2008-01-11 xlog: update to version 1.6.2Tommy Boatman
2007-05-17libax25: convert to build api2 and fix man pathJaka Kranjc
2007-04-02update my email addressTreeve Jelbert
2007-03-25xlog: fixed bug 12450Dave Josephsen
2007-03-12hamfax: update to 0.6.4, fixes #12568Jaka Kranjc
2007-03-03complete the #10641 fixesJaka Kranjc
2007-03-01Change my e-mail address to my oneEric Sandall
2007-03-01Revert "Change my e-mail address to my one"Eric Sandall
2007-03-01Change my e-mail address to my oneEric Sandall
2007-01-25hamlib update and cleanup, one less api1 spellJaka Kranjc
2006-10-26use TRACK_ROOT when linking #9163Jaka Kranjc
2006-10-03xconvers: [automated] Removed UPDATED.Juuso Alasuutari
2006-10-03xcall: [automated] Removed UPDATED.Juuso Alasuutari
2006-10-03wwl: [automated] Removed UPDATED.Juuso Alasuutari
2006-10-03unixcw: [automated] Removed UPDATED.Juuso Alasuutari
2006-10-03libax25: [automated] Removed UPDATED.Juuso Alasuutari
2006-10-03hamlib: [automated] Removed UPDATED.Juuso Alasuutari
2006-10-03gworldclock: [automated] Removed UPDATED.Juuso Alasuutari
2006-10-03gridloc: [automated] Removed UPDATED.Juuso Alasuutari
2006-10-03cwtext: [automated] Removed UPDATED.Juuso Alasuutari
2006-10-03ax25-tools: [automated] Removed UPDATED.Juuso Alasuutari