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2021-07-10graphics/povray: version Franzmann
2021-06-03graphics/povray: version Franzmann
2017-04-07povray: Update to 3.7.1-beta.5 to fix broken build with current gcc/boostThomas Orgis
2016-03-17povray: Moved from z-rejected, now AGPL3 license (FSF friendly)Eric Sandall
2006-08-09Moved povray and megapov to z-rejected, have licensing issues (bug #12963)Flavien Bridault
2006-04-24sync graphics/povray from testJeremy Blosser
2006-04-24sync ./graphics/povray from stable-rc 0.4Jeremy Blosser
2006-04-24initial commit from stable 0.3root