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2021-12-01qt6positioning-6.2.2Treeve Jelbert
2021-11-26libexttextcat-3.4.6Treeve Jelbert
2021-11-26box2d-2.4.1Treeve Jelbert
2021-11-26move zanshinTreeve Jelbert
2021-11-25kddockwidgets-1.5.0Treeve Jelbert
2021-11-15imath-3.1.3Treeve Jelbert
2021-11-10gnu.gpg - update Simon JosefssonTreeve Jelbert
2021-11-07ChangeLog: fixed typosPavel Vinogradov
2021-11-07http/hgtcp2: new spell, IETF QUIC protocol implementationPavel Vinogradov
2021-11-07http/hghttp3: new spell, HTTP/3 library written in CPavel Vinogradov
2021-11-03kopeninghours-21.08.2Treeve Jelbert
2021-11-02skanpage-1.0.0Treeve Jelbert
2021-10-30dickey.gpg; new Thomas Dickey's keyPavel Vinogradov
2021-10-30python-pypi/python-guardonce: new spell, convert C++ include guards to pragmasFlorian Franzmann
2021-10-28xorg.gpg - updateTreeve Jelbert
2021-10-24utils/tpm2-tss: new spell, an OSS implementation of TPM2 TSSFlorian Franzmann
2021-10-22move calindoriTreeve Jelbert
2021-10-22 koko-21.08Treeve Jelbert
2021-10-22move keysmithTreeve Jelbert
2021-10-14update kde.gpgTreeve Jelbert
2021-10-09qalculate-qt-3.20.1Treeve Jelbert
2021-10-08update kde.gpgTreeve Jelbert
2021-10-05liblangtag: new spell, interface library to access tags for identifying langu...Ismael Luceno
2021-10-05libcuckoo: new spell, high-performance concurrent hash tableIsmael Luceno
2021-10-04ftp/transmission-i2p: new spell, an anonymous torrent client Transmission-I2PPavel Vinogradov
2021-10-04btop++: new spell, Resource monitorIsmael Luceno
2021-10-04ucpp: new spell, embeddable, quick, light and fully compliant C99 preprocessorIsmael Luceno
2021-10-01xkcdpass: new spell, XKCD-inspired secure passphrase generatorIsmael Luceno
2021-10-01minisign: new spell, dead simple tool to sign filesIsmael Luceno
2021-10-01move poppler.gpgTreeve Jelbert
2021-09-30ChangeLog - more qt6Treeve Jelbert
2021-09-30delete qt6quickcontrols2Treeve Jelbert
2021-09-28nsgenbind: new spell, NetSurf WebIDL bindings generatorIsmael Luceno
2021-09-28libnsutils: new spell, NetSurf utility functionsIsmael Luceno
2021-09-28libnspsl: new spell, NetSurf public suffix list handlingIsmael Luceno
2021-09-27libnslog: new spell, NetSurf Logging LibraryIsmael Luceno
2021-09-27libdom: new spell, implementation of the W3C DOMIsmael Luceno
2021-09-27Introduce NETSURF_FUNCTIONS to simplify NetSurf spellsIsmael Luceno
2021-09-27netsurf-buildsystem: new spell, Netsurf buildsystemIsmael Luceno
2021-09-26shell-term-fm/toybox: new spell, basic CLI utils in a single executableFlorian Franzmann
2021-09-23python-charset-normalizer: new spell, Package for encoding and language detec...Ismael Luceno
2021-09-19cde: new spell, The Common Desktop EnvironmentIsmael Luceno
2021-09-18netbsd-gencat: new spell, gencat implementation from NetBSDIsmael Luceno
2021-09-16python-pypi/semantic_version: new spell, a library implementing the 'SemVer' ...Pavel Vinogradov
2021-09-16python-pypi/setuptools-rust: new spell, setuptools plugin for Rust extensionsPavel Vinogradov
2021-09-16python-pypi/wheel: new spell, a built-package format for PythonPavel Vinogradov
2021-09-16xorg.gpg - add Povilas KanapickasTreeve Jelbert
2021-09-10zig: new spell, programming languageIsmael Luceno
2021-09-08libsoundio: new spell, cross-platform audio I/O for real-time & consumer soft...Ismael Luceno
2021-09-07perceptualdiff: new spell, Perceptual Image DiffIsmael Luceno