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barry: Replace "bit" suffix with "-bit" in description
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SHORT="Sync your BlackBerry"
cat << EOF
Barry is an Open Source application that will allow synchronization, backup,
-restore and program management for BlackBerry \u2122 devices. Barry is primarily
+restore and program management for BlackBerry devices. Barry is primarily
developed on Linux, but is intended as a cross platform library and application
-set, targetting Linux, BSD, 32/64bit, and big/little endian systems.
+set, targetting Linux, BSD, 32-bit/64-bit, and big/little endian systems.
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+2014-12-16 Ismael Luceno <>
+ * DETAILS: Replace "bit" suffix with "-bit" in description
2014-08-19 Treeve Jelbert <>
* DEPENDS: openssl => SSL