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+depends libx86
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+ SPELL=read-edid
+ VERSION=2.0.0
+ SOURCE="${SPELL}-${VERSION}.tar.gz"
+ SOURCE_HASH=sha512:3503a9cff0009c407ca3fded9209f08e7f24755b0499c136a41e59a3479141ceef9f94c30a8b6125db1fdca6a47f62a74fd27101ccadaa7c9af337de310cd29f
+ ENTERED=20090904
+ SHORT="monitor EDID extractor tool"
+cat << EOF
+read-edid is a pair of tools (originally by John Fremlin) for reading the EDID
+from a monitor. It should work with most monitors made since 1996 (except for
+newer ones with 256-byte EDID's - WiP), assuming the video card supports the
+standard read commands (most do).read-edid is a set of two tools - get-edid,
+which gets the raw edid information from the monitor, and parse-edid, which
+turns the raw binary information into an XF86Config-compatible monitor section.
+As of read-edid version 2.0.0, the lrmi code has been replaced by libx86 code
+- same syntax, but allows for use on many more architectures. For powerpc,
+there is a /proc interface, /proc/device-tree/pci/{video-card}/EDID, which
+you can pipe to parse-edid. Some architectures, AFAIK, may be stuck with
+only parse-edid.
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+2009-09-04 Finn Haedicke <>
+ * DEPENDS, DETAILS: spell created