path: root/xorg-data/xkeyboard-config
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-09-26xkeyboard-config: => 2.7Treeve Jelbert
2012-05-30xkeyboard-config: => 2.6Treeve Jelbert
2012-02-01xkeyboard-config: => 2.5.1Treeve Jelbert
2012-01-20xkeyboard-config: => 2.5Treeve Jelbert
2011-10-05xkeyboard-config: => 2.4.1Vlad Glagolev
2011-08-24Revert "xkeyboard-config: commented unrecognized option (issue #30)"Eric Sandall
2011-08-24Merge branch 'master' into devel-xorg-modularEric Sandall
2011-08-19xkeyboard-config: commented unrecognized option (issue #30)Bor Kraljič
2011-04-25xkeyboard-config: Updated to 2.2.1Eric Sandall
2011-01-30xkeyboard-config: => 2.1Vlad Glagolev
2010-11-01xkeyboard-config: => 2.0Treeve Jelbert
2010-06-26xkeyboard-config: Updated to 1.9Eric Sandall
2010-05-15xkeyboard-config: missing glib2 dependencyMathieu Lonjaret
2010-04-06xkeyboard-config: Didn't mean to remove the conflict against xkbdataEric Sandall
2010-04-06These spells have not existed since February 2, 2010Eric Sandall
2010-04-06xkeyboard-config: Updated to 1.8Eric Sandall
2010-02-26xkeyboard-config: Fails install with multiple make jobsEric Sandall
2009-10-01xkeyboard-config: Updated to 1.7Eric Sandall
2009-09-30xkeyboard-config: run before buildingArjan Bouter
2009-02-11xkeyboard-config: 1.5Jaka Kranjc
2008-10-26xkeyboard-config: added missing dep; cleaned upVlad Glagolev
2008-10-12xkeyboard-config: Removed extra whitespace from DETAILSEric Sandall
2008-10-12xkeyboard-config: Updated to 1.4Eric Sandall
2008-05-29xkeyboard-config: Updated to version 1.3Martin Spitzbarth
2008-03-18xorg-modular: No longer WIP. :)Eric Sandall
2008-03-18xkeyboard-config: Auto-conflicts with xorg as wellEric Sandall
2008-03-16xkeyboard-config: Auto-conflicts with all prior monolithic X providersEric Sandall
2007-08-03xorg - update descriptionsTreeve Jelbert
2006-05-12wesnoth: devel 1.1.2aRobin Cook
2006-03-26Correct path settingsRobin Cook
2006-01-07xkeyboard-config: added xml-parser-expatRobin Cook
2006-01-01typo fixesRobin Cook
2005-12-27fix so doesn't fail if already existsRobin Cook
2005-12-24added conflicts between the twoRobin Cook
2005-12-24xkeyboard-config: new spellRobin Cook