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2011-01-30xcursor-themes: => 1.0.3Vlad Glagolev
2010-04-06These spells have not existed since February 2, 2010Eric Sandall
2009-10-01xcursor-themes: Updated to 1.0.2Eric Sandall
2008-03-18xorg-modular: No longer WIP. :)Eric Sandall
2008-03-18xcursor-themes: Auto-conflicts with xorg as wellEric Sandall
2008-03-16xcursor-themes: Auto-conflicts with all prior monolithic X providersEric Sandall
2007-10-14xcursor-themes: update description & shortIsmael E. Luceno
2006-03-23Name change to reduce confusion...andrew_levstik
2005-12-26gxine - 0.5.3Robin Cook
2005-12-16Updated to RC4Robin Cook
2005-12-15update to 7.0-RC3Robin Cook
2005-11-25Automatically fix DEPENDS according toKarsten Behrmann
2005-11-25add/fix some dependenciesKarsten Behrmann
2005-11-25Grunt work of generating the spells done... now need to do the moreandrew_levstik