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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-25video/mpv: version 0.30.0Pavel Vinogradov
2019-10-11vlc - use GETTEXTTreeve Jelbert
2019-10-06video/x265: use CMAKE_*Florian Franzmann
2019-10-02pipewire: => 0.2.7Treeve Jelbert
2019-09-29video/mpv: fix check for dependency on LUAFlorian Franzmann
2019-09-29video/mpv: depend on luajit instead of LUAFlorian Franzmann
2019-09-07video/ffmpeg: version 4.2.1Florian Franzmann
2019-09-01vlc: => 3.0.8Treeve Jelbert
2019-08-31video/kodi; version 18.4 LeiaPavel Vinogradov
2019-08-29xawtv: switch dependency from xorg-server to X11-SERVERIsmael Luceno
2019-08-29mplayer2: switch dependency from xorg-server to X11-SERVERIsmael Luceno
2019-08-29mplayer: switch dependency from xorg-server to X11-SERVERIsmael Luceno
2019-08-14v4l-utils: Fix build against muslIsmael Luceno
2019-08-14v4l-utils 1.16.6Ismael Luceno
2019-08-08ffmpeg: => 4.2Treeve Jelbert
2019-08-04video/kodi: reorganized patching and added python finding fixPavel Vinogradov
2019-08-03video/x265: version 3.1.2Florian Franzmann
2019-07-23video/ffmpeg-svn: reworked/modernized dependenciesPavel Vinogradov
2019-07-19video/kodi: gnutls is not required anymorePavel Vinogradov
2019-07-12video/ffmpeg: version 4.1.4Florian Franzmann
2019-07-12video/x265: version 3.1.1Florian Franzmann
2019-07-04video/mpv: updated waf to 2.0.17, needs python3 nowPavel Vinogradov
2019-07-01pipewire: => 0.2.6Treeve Jelbert
2019-06-29vlc: => Jelbert
2019-06-28mlt: => 6.16.0Treeve Jelbert
2019-06-20video/x265: version 3.1Florian Franzmann
2019-06-19video/kodi: updated both branches to 18.3 LeiaPavel Vinogradov
2019-06-07vlc: => 3.0.7 SECURITY FIXTreeve Jelbert
2019-05-31mplayer: version 1.4Thomas Orgis
2019-05-31avidemux3: version 2.7.3Thomas Orgis
2019-05-25mplayer: correct HISTORY fileVlad Glagolev
2019-05-18xine-ui: Update dependency; s/gettext/GETTEXT/Ismael Luceno
2019-05-18v4l-utils: Update dependency; s/gettext/GETTEXT/Ismael Luceno
2019-05-18ucview: Update dependency; s/gettext/GETTEXT/Ismael Luceno
2019-05-18mkvtoolnix: Update dependency; s/gettext/GETTEXT/Ismael Luceno
2019-05-18kodi: Update dependency; s/gettext/GETTEXT/Ismael Luceno
2019-05-18guvcview: Update dependency; s/gettext/GETTEXT/Ismael Luceno
2019-05-09ffmpeg - clean and simmplify SSL dependencyTreeve Jelbert
2019-04-23video/kodi: updated both branches to 18.2 LeiaPavel Vinogradov
2019-04-22video/vlc/ - depends DEVICE-MANAGERTreeve Jelbert
2019-04-16video/kodi: updated release candidate branch to 18.2rc1 LeiaPavel Vinogradov
2019-04-06video/mpv: add triggers for when OPENGL providers are castFlorian Franzmann
2019-04-05mlt: => 6.14.0Treeve Jelbert
2019-04-05video/ffmpeg: support openssl-1.1Florian Franzmann
2019-04-05video/ffmpeg: version 4.1.3Florian Franzmann
2019-02-17video/kodi: updated both branches to 18.1 LeiaPavel Vinogradov
2019-02-11video/kodi: updated release candidate branch to 18.1rc1 LeiaPavel Vinogradov
2019-02-10vlc - fix build with vpx-1.8Treeve Jelbert
2019-02-10ffmpeg: => 4.1.1Treeve Jelbert
2019-01-29video/kodi: updated patch for crossguidPavel Vinogradov