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2009-05-29liferea: Updated devel to version 1.6.0-rc3George Sherwood
2009-05-23liferea: Updated devel to version 1.6.0-rc2George Sherwood
2009-05-01liferea: Updated devel to version 1.6.0-rc1George Sherwood
2009-04-18liferea: Updated stable to version 1.4.28George Sherwood
2009-03-29liferea: Updated devel to version 1.5.15George Sherwood
2009-03-15lifrea: forgot sig fileGeorge Sherwood
2009-03-14liferea: Updated devel to version 1.5.13. Added depends libsoupGeorge Sherwood
2009-03-13liferea: Updated stable to version 1.4.27George Sherwood
2009-03-12liferea: Updated devel to version 1.5.13George Sherwood
2009-03-07liferea: Updated devel to version 1.5.12George Sherwood
2009-02-27liferea: Updated devel t0 version 1.5.11George Sherwood
2009-02-21liferea: Updated to version 1.4.26devel-bash-4George Sherwood
2009-02-19liferea: Updated devel to version 1.5.10George Sherwood
2009-02-13lifelea: Updated stable to version 1.4.24George Sherwood
2009-01-22liferea: Updated devel to version 1.5.8George Sherwood
2009-01-05liferea: Updated devel to version 1.5.7. Devel versionGeorge Sherwood
2009-01-03rsstail 1.5Ladislav Hagara
2008-12-11liferea: Updated stable to version 1.4.23George Sherwood
2008-12-06newsd: BUILD: added patch to compile with gcc 4.3Robert Figura
2008-11-13liferea: Updated to version 1.4.22d. Added query to select only oneGeorge Sherwood
2008-11-13liferea: Updated to version 1.4.22c. Added patch to build againstGeorge Sherwood
2008-10-26Revert "liferea: Updated stable to version 1.4.21"George Sherwood
2008-10-25liferea: Updated stable to version 1.4.21George Sherwood
2008-09-28liferea: Updated stable to version 1.4.20George Sherwood
2008-08-30slrn: INSTALL was missing the +x bit, but it is only problematic sporadicallyJaka Kranjc
2008-08-30slrn: changed the SOURCE_URL to use the mirror variableJaka Kranjc
2008-08-30slrn: 0.9.9Jaka Kranjc
2008-07-27liferea: Updated stable to version 1.4.18George Sherwood
2008-07-22liferea: Updated stable to version 1.4.17George Sherwood
2008-07-19liferea: Updated devel to version 1.5.5George Sherwood
2008-07-02liferea: Updated stable to version 1.4.16 and devel to 1.5.4George Sherwood
2008-06-14*.gpg: minimized keyrings and saved 385KJaka Kranjc
2008-05-26liferea: left out sig fileGeorge Sherwood
2008-05-17liferea: Updated devel to version 1.5.3George Sherwood
2008-04-26liferea: Updated stable to 1.4.15 and devel to 1.5.2b.George Sherwood
2008-03-30liferea: Updated devel to version 1.5.1George Sherwood
2008-03-13liferea: Updated stable to version 1.4.14George Sherwood
2008-03-05liferea: Updated devel to version 1.5.0George Sherwood
2008-02-25liferea: Updated to version 1.4.13. Updated webkit.c withGeorge Sherwood
2008-02-24liferea: Updated webkit.c closer to trunkGeorge Sherwood
2008-02-10liferea: Added fixes for recent changes in webkigtk.George Sherwood
2008-02-02liferea: Updated to version 1.4.12George Sherwood
2008-01-17liferea: Updated to version 1.4.11George Sherwood
2008-01-10ruby-raa/raggle: moved to ruby-raa sectionAndra┼ż Levstik
2007-12-29liferea: Added file to provide webkit fixes. Removed original patch.George Sherwood
2007-12-28liferea: Added patch to work with latest webkitgtk api. Added optionalGeorge Sherwood
2007-12-23refreshed all the gpg keyrings and also ran clean on them (size matters)Jaka Kranjc
2007-12-20liferea: Updated to version 1.4.10George Sherwood
2007-12-16rsstail 1.4Ladislav Hagara
2007-12-02liferea: Updated to version 1.4.9George Sherwood