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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-14samba4: Remove duplicated --without-ad-dc flagIsmael Luceno
2022-08-12samba 4.16.4Ismael Luceno
2022-08-12samba4: Add missing dependenciesIsmael Luceno
2022-05-28samba4: Updated to 4.15.7, SECURITY_PATCH++Eric Sandall
2022-01-27samba4: version 4.15.4Thomas Orgis
2022-01-13samba4: version 4.15.3Thomas Orgis
2021-07-19samba4: Don't continue later steps if earlier steps failedEric Sandall
2021-07-14samba4: Updated to 4.14.6Eric Sandall
2021-07-14samba4: Updated to 4.13.9Eric Sandall
2021-07-07samba4: add explicit jansson dep to fix buildThomas Orgis
2021-01-13samba4 4.13.3Ismael Luceno
2020-11-24samba 4.13.2Ismael Luceno
2020-10-13samba4: Updated to 4.12.8Eric Sandall
2020-10-01samba4: Fix build against muslIsmael Luceno
2020-10-01samba4: Make ldb and talloc hard dependenciesIsmael Luceno
2020-09-28samba4: Updated to 4.12.7, SECURITY_PATCH++ for CVE-2020-1472Eric Sandall
2020-09-09samba4: Samba 4.12 requires Python 3.5+, no Python 2.Eric Sandall
2020-08-21samba4: Updated to stable 4.12.6Eric Sandall
2018-03-09samba4: Updated to stable 4.7.5Eric Sandall
2017-05-26samba4: fix version in HISTORYThomas Orgis
2017-05-25samba4 => 4.6.4 SECURITY updateTreeve Jelbert
2016-07-27samba4: Updated to 4.4.5Eric Sandall
2016-06-01samba4: Add restart() commandEric Sandall
2016-02-08samba4: Add missing init.d/sambaEric Sandall
2016-02-08samba4: Updated latest stable to 4.3.4Eric Sandall
2015-01-02samba4: Update to latest stable 4.0 to 4.0.23Eric Sandall
2014-07-03Make several spells to use get_scm_versionIsmael Luceno
2013-11-23samba4: tevent: Removed PRE_BUILD, I do not even know, but it does not work; ...Eric Sandall
2013-02-08samba4: stable => 4.0.2Sukneet Basuta
2011-09-25samba4: Use prepare_select_branchIsmael Luceno
2009-05-26samba4: Updated to 4.0.0alpha7Eric Sandall
2009-04-18samba4: Depends on teventEric Sandall
2009-04-18samba4: --with-swatdir is not valid in samba4Eric Sandall
2009-04-18samba4: Use samba4-git instead of samba-gitEric Sandall
2009-04-18samba4: Optionally depends on tdb and tallocEric Sandall
2009-04-18samba4: Default to SCM (git) version for nowEric Sandall
2009-04-18samba4: Add SCM (git) optionEric Sandall
2009-04-18samba4: There is no separate python_install targetEric Sandall
2009-04-18samba4: Added new spell for Samba 4.x experimental branchEric Sandall