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2019-09-24texinfo: => 6.7Treeve Jelbert
2019-08-13latex/texlive: needs ghostscript with libgsPavel Vinogradov
2019-08-13texlive: Force correct linking with libgsIsmael Luceno
2019-05-18texinfo: Update dependency; s/gettext/GETTEXT/Ismael Luceno
2019-05-01latex/texlive: version 20190410Pavel Vinogradov
2019-05-01latex/texlive-texmf: version 20190410Pavel Vinogradov
2019-03-09latex/texlive: updated patches for poppler 0.74+Pavel Vinogradov
2019-02-16latex/texinfo: version 6.6Pavel Vinogradov
2019-02-14latex/xdvi: depend on xserver instead of xorg-serverFlorian Franzmann
2019-01-19texinfo - not depend gnupgTreeve Jelbert
2018-12-29latex/texlive: more SyncTeX patching neededPavel Vinogradov
2018-12-29latex/texlive: fixed SyncTeX installationPavel Vinogradov
2018-12-07latex/texlive: -fpermissive is needed for LuaTeXPavel Vinogradov
2018-12-06latex/texlive: added poppler 0.72.0 fixPavel Vinogradov
2018-12-05latex/texlive: fixed luatexPavel Vinogradov
2018-12-05latex/texlive: fixed building with poppler scm branchPavel Vinogradov
2018-12-05texlive: fix build of pdftex with current poppler, at leastThomas Orgis
2018-10-31latex/texlive: adapted to poppler 0.71.0 or higherPavel Vinogradov
2018-10-23latex/texlive: adapted to poppler 0.70.0 or higherPavel Vinogradov
2018-09-20latex/texlive: made parallel building process available againPavel Vinogradov
2018-09-20latex/texlive: adapted to poppler 0.68.0+Pavel Vinogradov
2018-08-03latex/texinfo: fixed endless loopingPavel Vinogradov
2018-05-22latex/texlive: some files need to be copied when poppler >= 0.59.0Pavel Vinogradov
2018-05-21latex/texlive: replaced old incomplete patch with one from BLFS and upstreamPavel Vinogradov
2018-05-03latex/texlive: fixed installation of the fontconfig filePavel Vinogradov
2018-04-29latex/texlive: added patches for poppler code and dvisvgmPavel Vinogradov
2018-04-28latex/texlive: version 20180414Pavel Vinogradov
2018-04-28latex/texlive-texmf: version 20180414Pavel Vinogradov
2017-09-26latex/texlive-texmf: added upstream fixes for babel system from BLFSPavel Vinogradov
2017-09-26latex/texlive: added more patches from BLFSPavel Vinogradov
2017-09-22latex/texlive: added a fix for poppler 0.58+ APIPavel Vinogradov
2017-09-13latex/texinfo: version 6.5Pavel Vinogradov
2017-06-23latex/texinfo: version 6.4Pavel Vinogradov
2017-06-04latex/texlive: version 20170524Pavel Vinogradov
2017-06-04latex/texlive-texmf: version 20170524Pavel Vinogradov
2017-06-04latex/lacheck: fix SOURCE_URLFlorian Franzmann
2017-02-02latex/texlive: fixed staged installationPavel Vinogradov
2017-01-28latex/texinfo: install texi2htmlFlorian Franzmann
2017-01-10latex/texlive: disabled staged installationPavel Vinogradov
2016-12-05texlive-texmf: fix install of man5 pagesThomas Orgis
2016-11-06latex/texlive: added fixes for LUA flags and icu related codePavel Vinogradov
2016-11-06latex/texlive: version 20160523bPavel Vinogradov
2016-11-06latex/texlive-texmf: version 20160523bPavel Vinogradov
2016-09-12latex/texinfo: version 6.3Florian Franzmann
2016-05-22texlive: add missing subdependsRemko van der Vossen
2016-03-07texinfo: => 6.1Treeve Jelbert
2016-03-07texlive: install shared libsThomas Orgis
2016-03-07texlive: work around moved kpathsea/c-auto.hThomas Orgis
2016-03-07texlive: fix installation with newer texlive-texmf (changed path in call to f...Thomas Orgis
2016-02-28texlive 20150521Ismael Luceno