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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-09Update my email address (scripted)Florian Franzmann
2021-03-15djvulibre: => 3.5.28Treeve Jelbert
2015-08-09djvulibre: => 3.5.27Vlad Glagolev
2015-05-27many spells: remove SOURCEFORGE_URL usage ( does transparent load balan...Thomas Orgis
2013-03-22graphics/djvulibre: version Franzmann
2012-04-04graphics/djvulibre: updated to Vinogradov
2011-10-10djvulibre: removed optional dependency on qt-x11Bor Kraljič
2011-07-30graphics/djvulibre: changed dependency on g++ to dependency on gcc with CXX (...Florian Franzmann
2011-04-04djvulibre: => 3.5.24Treeve Jelbert
2010-11-03jpeg -> JPEG in all DEPENDS fileLadislav Hagara
2010-09-23djvulibre: => 3.5.23Treeve Jelbert
2010-02-05djvulibre: fixed SOURCE_URLVasil Yonkov
2009-05-22djvulibre: => 3.5.22Treeve Jelbert
2008-09-30djvulibre: Updated to version 3.5.21George Sherwood
2008-06-02"djvulibre-3.5.20-5"Treeve Jelbert
2007-11-29djvulibre-3.5.20Treeve Jelbert
2007-04-02update my email addressTreeve Jelbert
2007-03-27djvulibre-3.5.19Treeve Jelbert
2007-03-01Change my e-mail address to my oneEric Sandall
2007-03-01Revert "Change my e-mail address to my one"Eric Sandall
2007-03-01Change my e-mail address to my oneEric Sandall
2007-02-08djvulibre - minor fixTreeve Jelbert
2007-02-04djvulibre - revised dependsTreeve Jelbert
2007-02-03 djvulibre - fix buildTreeve Jelbert
2007-02-01djvulibre-3.5.18Treeve Jelbert
2006-04-24sync graphics/djvulibre from testJeremy Blosser
2006-04-24sync ./graphics/djvulibre from stable-rc 0.4Jeremy Blosser
2006-04-24initial commit from stable 0.3root