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2023-01-14curl: recover lost nss dependencyVlad Glagolev
2022-12-24qbittorrent: => 4.5.0Xenanthropy
2022-12-21ftp/curl: versiion 7.87.0, SECURITY_PATCH++Pavel Vinogradov
2022-12-19gnunet 0.19.0Ismael Luceno
2022-12-02wget2: add SSL sub dependsRemko van der Vossen
2022-12-02wget2: use optional_depends_one_of for SSL library selectionRemko van der Vossen
2022-12-02curl: add missing functionRemko van der Vossen
2022-12-02curl: add SSL sub dependsRemko van der Vossen
2022-12-01curl: use optional_depends_one_of for SSL library selectionRemko van der Vossen
2022-12-01wget: correct PRE_SUB_DEPENDS for not using the SSL provider anymoreRemko van der Vossen
2022-12-01wget: add missing HISTORY updateRemko van der Vossen
2022-11-30wget: use {optional_,}depends_one_of for SSL libraryRemko van der Vossen
2022-10-26ftp/curl: version 7.86.0, SECURITY_PATCH++Pavel Vinogradov
2022-10-21ftp/rsync: version 3.2.7Pavel Vinogradov
2022-10-13aria2: Normalise LICENSEIsmael Luceno
2022-10-13aria2: Add optional dep on libssh2Ismael Luceno
2022-10-13aria2 1.36.0Ismael Luceno
2022-09-10ftp/rsync: version 3.2.6Pavel Vinogradov
2022-09-08gnunet 0.17.5Ismael Luceno
2022-08-31ftp/curl: version 7.85.0, SECURITY_PATCH++Pavel Vinogradov
2022-08-15ftp/rsync: version 3.2.5, SECURITY_PATCH++Pavel Vinogradov
2022-08-10curl: Replace polarssl with mbedtlsIsmael Luceno
2022-07-27linuxdcpp: switch to PKG-CONFIG provider (automated)Vlad Glagolev
2022-07-27curlftpfs: switch to PKG-CONFIG provider (automated)Vlad Glagolev
2022-06-27ftp/curl: version 7.84.0Florian Franzmann
2022-05-29ftp/rsync: always use system poptFlorian Franzmann
2022-05-28wget2: => 2.0.1Treeve Jelbert
2022-05-11ftp/curl: version 7.83.1Pavel Vinogradov
2022-04-30ftp/curl: version 7.83.0Florian Franzmann
2022-04-19ftp/transmission-i2p: reworked LibreSSL 3.5.x patchPavel Vinogradov
2022-04-17ftp/rsync: version 3.2.4, SECURITY_PATCH++Pavel Vinogradov
2022-03-19wget 1.21.3Ismael Luceno
2022-03-18Revert "ftp/wget: version 2.0.0"Florian Franzmann
2022-03-18Revert "wget - update depends"Florian Franzmann
2022-03-17ftp/transmission-i2p: fixed github url & added libressl 3.5.x patchPavel Vinogradov
2022-03-12ftp/curl: version 7.82.0Florian Franzmann
2022-01-19curl: correct typosVlad Glagolev
2022-01-05ftp/curl: version 7.81.0Pavel Vinogradov
2021-12-20axel 2.17.11Ismael Luceno
2021-12-03ftp/curl: more patching for ngtcp2's opensslPavel Vinogradov
2021-12-02ftp/curl: use openssl from ngtcp2 when neededPavel Vinogradov
2021-11-13ftp/curl; added HTTP/3 support via nghttp3 & ngtcp2Pavel Vinogradov
2021-11-10ftp/curl: version 7.80.0Pavel Vinogradov
2021-10-04ftp/transmission-i2p: new spell, an anonymous torrent client Transmission-I2PPavel Vinogradov
2021-09-26ftp/curl: version 7.79.1Florian Franzmann
2021-09-26ftp/rsync: add trigger for opensslFlorian Franzmann
2021-09-24wget - update dependsTreeve Jelbert
2021-09-22ftp/rsync: add trigger for opensslFlorian Franzmann
2021-09-22ftp/wget: version 2.0.0Florian Franzmann
2021-09-22ftp/curl: version 7.79.0, security updateFlorian Franzmann