path: root/e-17/e17/DEPENDS
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-02-11e17: depends on UDEV -> DEVICE-MANAGERVlad Glagolev
2013-09-06e17: Replace xorg-libs with libx11, libxau, libxdmcp, and libxextEric Sandall
2013-07-28e17 - change depends udev -> UDEVTreeve Jelbert
2013-01-08e17: Depends on ecore built with evas supportEric Sandall
2013-01-08e17: Fix trailing &&Eric Sandall
2013-01-08e17: Cleanup formattingEric Sandall
2013-01-08e17: Optionally depends on gettext, elementary, and emotionEric Sandall
2013-01-08e17: dd stable 0.17.0 branchEric Sandall
2012-11-24e17: changed e_dbus to edbusRobin Cook
2012-11-16e17 now needs eflLadislav Hagara
2011-11-13e17: updated depends and configure optionsRobin Cook
2010-02-25 e17 : Adding optional depends on connmanPhilippe Caseiro
2009-11-03e17: no longer uses cvs nor needs automake-1.9Arjan Bouter
2008-11-01e17: e_dbus is now required, not optionalEric Sandall
2008-11-01e17: Optionally depend on e17-theme-blingblingEric Sandall
2008-10-14e17: Depends on eina for data typesEric Sandall
2008-09-30e17: Depends on some CVS for running, E17 devs have been notifiedEric Sandall
2008-09-19e17: Optionally depend on e17-theme-b_and_wEric Sandall
2008-09-18e_module-mixer: Deprecate in favour of merged module in e17Eric Sandall
2008-09-01e17: cvs -> svnLadislav Hagara
2008-03-18Merge branch 'xorg-modular' of /home/sandalle/scm/git/smgl/grimoire/ into xor...Eric Sandall
2008-02-29e16: rename to e-16 due to spellname conflict.Dale E. Edmons