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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-10-04libcompizconfig: Updated to 0.7.8Eric Sandall
2008-10-04emerald: Updated to 0.7.8Eric Sandall
2008-10-04compiz-bcop: Updated to 0.7.8Eric Sandall
2008-10-04compiz-fusion: Remove renamed spellEric Sandall
2008-04-24compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported: Updated to 0.7.4Eric Sandall
2008-04-24compiz-fusion-profile: Updated to 0.7.4Eric Sandall
2008-04-24emerald: Updated to 0.7.4Eric Sandall
2008-04-24compiz-fusion-plugins-extra: Updated to 0.7.4Eric Sandall
2008-04-24compiz-fusion-plugins-main: Updated to 0.7.4Eric Sandall
2008-04-24ccsm: Updated to 0.7.4Eric Sandall
2008-04-24compizconfig-python: Updated to 0.7.4Eric Sandall
2008-04-24libcompizconfig: Updated to 0.7.4Eric Sandall
2008-04-24compiz-bcop: Updated to 0.7.4Eric Sandall
2008-04-24compiz-fusion: Renamed to compiz-fusion-profile to avoid section name conflictEric Sandall
2008-04-13compiz and emerald depend on xorg-server being built with composite support (...Eric Sandall
2008-03-31compiz-fusion updateLalo Martins
2007-11-15adding compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupportedLalo Martins
2007-10-24ccsm: Install to INSTALL_ROOT/usrEric Sandall
2007-10-21updating compiz-fusion stuff to 0.6.0Lalo Martins
2007-09-30compiz-fusion: Fix SOURCE_URLs for stable releases and cleanup HISTORY entriesEric Sandall
2007-09-30last round of compiz-fusion spell weavingLalo Martins
2007-09-30compiz-fusion "profile" spellLalo Martins
2007-09-30compizconfig-python spellLalo Martins
2007-09-30libcompizconfig spellLalo Martins
2007-09-30some more missing things for compiz-bcopLalo Martins
2007-09-30some more missing things for compiz-bcopLalo Martins
2007-09-30compiz-bcop spellLalo Martins
2007-09-30missed a few changes in the emerald updateLalo Martins
2007-09-30updating emerald for compiz-fusionLalo Martins