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2011-07-30cluster/atlas: changed dependency on fortran to dependency on gcc with FORTRA...Florian Franzmann
2011-06-24ocfs2-tools: => 1.6.4Vlad Glagolev
2011-05-15atlas: force_depends lapack when necessaryPeng Chang (Charles)
2011-05-15atlas: removed make fat_shared, added make check and make timePeng Chang (Charles)
2011-05-15atlas: remove old patch and add new patchPeng Chang (Charles)
2011-05-15atlas: => 3.8.4Peng Chang (Charles)
2011-05-14atlas: shared library is no longer an option (practically)Peng Chang (Charles)
2011-05-14atlas: patch for configure for compatibility with lapackPeng Chang (Charles)
2011-05-13atlas: actually add emit_mm.patch into gitPeng Chang (Charles)
2011-05-13atlas: PATCHLEVEL++Peng Chang (Charles)
2011-05-13atlas: added a patch to fix wrong code generation during buildPeng Chang (Charles)
2011-05-13atlas: append $OPTS to configurePeng Chang (Charles)
2011-05-13atlas: clean up ineffective optionsPeng Chang (Charles)
2011-01-15drbd: return back correct history dateVlad Glagolev
2011-01-15drbd: => Glagolev
2011-01-15ocfs2-tools: added init systemVlad Glagolev
2011-01-15csync2: new spell, cluster synchronization tool, 2nd generationVlad Glagolev
2010-12-27cluster/lapack: version 3.3.0Florian Franzmann
2010-12-08drbd: => 8.3.9Vlad Glagolev
2010-12-08ocfs2-tools: => 1.6.3Vlad Glagolev
2010-12-07ocfs2-tools: => 1.4.3Vlad Glagolev
2010-10-11*.gpg: minimized keyringsBor Kraljič
2010-06-17drbd: resigned sources due to gpg error (bug #15746)Bor Kraljič
2010-04-27metis: fixed URLs and added patches to compileBor Kraljič
2010-04-23 netpipe: version 3.7.1, mod PRE_BUILD for correct pvm include filesTommy Boatman
2010-04-23 parmetis: version 3.1.1Tommy Boatman
2010-04-23 mpich2: update to 1.2.1p1, and add make_singleTommy Boatman
2010-04-22 clusterssh: version 3.28Tommy Boatman
2010-04-22 pvm: version 3.4.6Tommy Boatman
2009-11-25clusterssh: Updated to 3.27Eric Sandall
2009-08-20gearmand-0.9Treeve Jelbert
2009-05-19atlas: update and fixes by chp #15230Jaka Kranjc
2009-05-19lapack: update and fixes from chp #15231Jaka Kranjc
2009-05-02openmosix-tools: seems I lost some things when commiting previouslyAndraž Levstik
2009-05-02cluster/openmosixview/: made init scripts non-sh, bug #13702Andraž Levstik
2009-05-02cluster/openmosix-tools/: made init scripts non-sh, bug #13702Andraž Levstik
2009-05-02cluster/openmosix-tools/init.d/openmosix: mad init scripts non-sh, bug #13702Andraž Levstik
2009-04-15clusterssh: Install .desktop file and iconsEric Sandall
2009-04-15clusterssh: Use default_buildEric Sandall
2009-04-15clusterssh: Cleanup whitespaceEric Sandall
2009-04-15clusterssh: Updated to 3.25Eric Sandall
2009-01-30lapack 3.2Ladislav Hagara
2009-01-29clapack: switched to versioned sourcesLadislav Hagara
2008-12-14ocfs2-tools: Updated to the latest version and fixed dependenciesDavid Kowis
2008-09-14clapack: fixed #14719Jaka Kranjc
2008-08-24lapack: just fixup to have it usableAndraž 'ruskie' Levstik
2008-08-22cluster/lui: DEPENDS: added depends perl-tk, fixing #12237Robert Figura
2008-04-23distriblend: Updated to 1.2Eric Sandall
2008-04-16cluster/clusterssh - Added dependency for perl-cpan/x11-protocolMark Bainter
2008-04-14New Spell - ClusterSSHMark Bainter