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2020-11-21tls 1.6.7Ismael Luceno
2015-05-27many spells: remove SOURCEFORGE_URL usage ( does transparent load balan...Thomas Orgis
2014-08-19tls: depends SSLTreeve Jelbert
2008-07-07chat-libs/tls: updated to 1.6Alexander Tsamutali
2006-08-28tls: Forgot to PATCHLEVEL++ to get the previous fixFlavien Bridault
2006-08-28tls: Fixed a version number in pkgIndex.tcl, caused troubles with amsn and tc...Flavien Bridault
2006-04-24sync ./chat-libs/tls from testJeremy Blosser
2006-04-24sync ./chat-libs/tls from stable-rc 0.4Jeremy Blosser
2006-04-24initial commit from stable 0.3root