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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-02chat-libs/loudmouth: removed useless PRE_BUILDPavel Vinogradov
2021-07-15chat-libs/loudmouth: version 1.5.4Pavel Vinogradov
2021-05-09Update my email address (scripted)Florian Franzmann
2016-10-05loudmouth: don't install docs twiceVlad Glagolev
2016-10-05loudmouth: use SSL providerVlad Glagolev
2016-10-05Revert "loudmouth: depends SSL"Vlad Glagolev
2016-03-29chat-libs/loudmouth: version 1.5.3Florian Franzmann
2015-10-27chat-libs/loudmouth: fix build error due to missing space in CFLAGSFlorian Franzmann
2014-08-19loudmouth: depends SSLTreeve Jelbert
2014-01-04chat-libs/loudmouth: prevent build error due to use of deprecated symbolsFlorian Franzmann
2013-02-03loudmouth: run autoconf so it links to gobject correctlySukneet Basuta
2013-01-16loudmouth: => 1.5.0-20121201Vlad Glagolev
2012-05-20loudmouth: fixed glib2 includesArjan Bouter
2011-09-14loudmouth: fixed ssl dependencyAndra┼ż 'ruskie' Levstik
2009-08-08loudmouth: strndup is in POSIX 2008, changed the macro for testing itPeng Chang (Charles)
2009-03-25loudmouth: Updated to version 1.5.0George Sherwood
2008-10-29loudmouth: Updated to version 1.4.3George Sherwood
2008-08-28loudmouth: Updated to version 1.4.2George Sherwood
2008-08-04loudmouth: updated WEB_SITEJulien ROZO
2008-08-02loudmouth: Updated to version 1.4.1George Sherwood
2008-05-09loudmouth: Updated to version 1.3.4George Sherwood
2007-08-27loudmouth: forgot HISTORY entery for added depends libidnGeorge Sherwood
2007-08-27loudmouth: Updated to version 1.2.3George Sherwood
2007-04-30loudmouth: Updated to version 1.2.2George Sherwood
2007-02-25loudmouth: Updated to version 1.2.1. Updated SOURCE_URL and removedGeorge Sherwood
2007-02-03loudmouth: Updated to version 1.2.0George Sherwood
2006-09-16Updated loudmouth to version 1.0.5George Sherwood
2006-06-27Updated to version 1.0.4George Sherwood
2006-04-24sync ./chat-libs/loudmouth from testJeremy Blosser
2006-04-24sync ./chat-libs/loudmouth from stable-rc 0.4Jeremy Blosser
2006-04-24initial commit from stable 0.3root