path: root/chat-libs/libmsn
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-05-27many spells: remove SOURCEFORGE_URL usage ( does transparent load balan...Thomas Orgis
2014-08-19libmsn: depends SSLTreeve Jelbert
2012-06-23libmsn: fix compilation on gcc 4.7Sukneet Basuta
2012-04-20libmsn: updated version to 4.2.1Julien ROZO
2011-11-23libmsn: added patch (fixes compile of kdenetwork4)Bor Kraljič
2011-11-10libmsn: updated spell to 4.2Bor Kraljič
2011-07-30chat-libs/libmsn: changed dependency on g++ to dependency on gcc with CXX (sc...Florian Franzmann
2011-05-12libmsn: Print patch application messageEric Sandall
2011-05-12libmsn: Only apply openssl-1.0.0.patch when using OpenSSL 1.0.0+Eric Sandall
2011-01-08libmsn: oops ! was calling the wrong patch in PRE_BUILDJulien ROZO
2011-01-08libmsn: added a patch to fix compilation issue with openssl version 1.0.0Julien ROZO
2010-01-24libmsn 4.1Ladislav Hagara
2009-12-02libmsn: => 4.0Bor Kraljič
2009-09-04libmsn: => 4.0-beta8Treeve Jelbert
2009-08-02libmsn: => 4.0-beta7Treeve Jelbert
2009-06-11libmsn: => 4.0-beta6Treeve Jelbert
2009-06-04libmsn: => 4.0-beta5Treeve Jelbert
2009-01-24libmsn-4.0-beta4Treeve Jelbert
2009-01-16"libmsn-4.0-beta3"Treeve Jelbert
2009-01-13"libmsn-4.0-beta2"Treeve Jelbert
2008-11-15libmsn-4.0-beta1Treeve Jelbert