path: root/chat-im/pidgin/DEPENDS
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-04chat-im/pidgin: version 2.14.2Florian Franzmann
2021-01-15pidgin: Update gstreamer and farstream dependenciesIsmael Luceno
2021-01-15pidgin: Make libgnt optionalIsmael Luceno
2020-07-04chat-im/pidgin: version 2.14.1Florian Franzmann
2018-11-30chat-im/pidgin: made use of LIBSASL provider in DEPENDSPavel Vinogradov
2016-06-21chat-im/pidgin: version 2.11.0, SECURITY_PATCH++Pavel Vinogradov
2014-09-25pidgin: depends nsprRemko van der Vossen
2014-09-23chat-im/pidgin: updated to 2.10.9Pol Vinogradov
2013-10-23Adding missing dependency on glib2Mark Bainter
2013-10-10pidgin: dbus optional dependency actually requires dbus-glibJeremy Blosser
2012-07-15pidgin: removed optional-depends howlSukneet Basuta
2011-12-15chat-im/pidgin: non-optional depends on intltoolJustin Boffemmyer
2010-09-19New Spell: silc-toolkit.David Haley
2010-08-16pidgin: optional support for networkmanagerFinn Haedicke
2009-11-28chat-im/pidgin: added missing make_normal to BUILD, added optionalFlorian Franzmann
2009-09-08pidgin: added voice/video support via farsight2Ladislav Hagara
2009-08-20pidgin: Optionally depends on libsm for X11 session managementEric Sandall
2009-08-20pidgin: Optionally depends on gettext for Native Language supportEric Sandall
2009-08-20pidgin: nas and audiofile are unknown to pidginEric Sandall
2009-08-20pidgin: Optionally depends on libidnEric Sandall
2008-05-22pidgin: Updated to version 2.4.2George Sherwood
2007-09-24pidgin: Optionally depends on meanwhile for Lotus IM/Sametime protocolEric Sandall
2007-05-20evolution, evolution2: renamed evolution2 to evolution, removed old evolution...Arwed von Merkatz
2007-04-30pidgin: Added new spell. This is the new gaim. Currently no pluginsGeorge Sherwood