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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-09Update my email address (scripted)Florian Franzmann
2021-05-09audio-drivers/pulseaudio: version 14.2Florian Franzmann
2019-05-18pulseaudio: Update dependency; s/gettext/GETTEXT/Ismael Luceno
2019-04-22audio-drivers/pulseaudio/ - depends DEVICE-MANAGERTreeve Jelbert
2019-04-12pulseaudio: => 12.2Vlad Glagolev
2018-02-26pulseaudio: => 11.1Treeve Jelbert
2015-12-25chmod 755 audio-drivers/{apulse,pulseaudio}/PROVIDESIsmael Luceno
2015-12-25pulseaudio: Provides LIBPULSEIsmael Luceno
2015-12-25pulseaudio: Conflicts with apulseIsmael Luceno
2015-04-06pulseaudio: => 6.0Treeve Jelbert
2015-02-11pulseaudio: depends on UDEV -> DEVICE-MANAGERVlad Glagolev
2014-08-19pulseaudio - openssl => SSLTreeve Jelbert
2014-06-09pulseaudio: => 5.0Treeve Jelbert
2014-01-13pulseaudio 4.0Ladislav Hagara
2013-09-06pulseaudio: gtk+2 support also needs libxxf86vmEric Sandall
2013-09-06pulseaudio: Replaced xorg-libs with libx11, libice, libsm, libxext, libxtstEric Sandall
2013-07-28pulseaudio - change depends udev -> UDEVTreeve Jelbert
2013-02-15pulseaudio: suggest_depends padevchooser->pasystraySukneet Basuta
2013-02-14bluez: if bluez enabled depend on sbc and dbusSukneet Basuta
2012-12-23pulseaudio 3.0Ladislav Hagara
2012-08-30pulseaudio: subdepend glib2 for gnome (Fixes issue #400)Tommy Boatman
2012-05-31pulseaudio: => 2.0Sukneet Basuta
2011-12-14pulseaudio: UP_TRIGGERS addedLadislav Hagara
2011-12-14pulseaudio 1.1Ladislav Hagara
2011-09-19pulseaudio: corrected OSS options, added ipv6 option, disabled polkit asArjan Bouter
2011-07-13pulseaudio: switched udev sub dep from EXTRAS to HWDBArjan Bouter
2011-06-24pulseaudio 0.9.23Ladislav Hagara
2010-11-26pulseaudio: updated to 0.9.22Robin Cook
2010-10-05pulseaudio: Depends on libxtst when building X11 supportEric Sandall
2010-10-05pulseaudio: Fails to compile with -Wl,--as-needed in LDFLAGSEric Sandall
2010-10-04pulseaudio: Clarify what some optional depends are forEric Sandall
2010-04-06Remove unused REPAIR files.Eric Sandall
2010-01-07pulseaudio: Cleanup whitespaceEric Sandall
2010-01-07pulseaudio: PATCHLEVEL++ to guarantee udev is built correctly for itEric Sandall
2010-01-07pulseaudio: needs EXTRAS sub depends with udevArwed von Merkatz
2009-11-23pulseaudio 0.9.21Ladislav Hagara
2009-11-11pulseaudio: updated to 0.9.20Arwed von Merkatz
2009-10-01pulseaudio 0.9.19Ladislav Hagara
2009-09-19pulseaudio 0.9.18Ladislav Hagara
2009-09-11pulseaudio 0.9.17Ladislav Hagara
2009-09-10pulseaudio 0.9.16Ladislav Hagara
2009-08-23pulseaudio: Optionally depends on gettextEric Sandall
2009-08-23pulseaudio: Optionally depend on avahi for ZeroConf supportEric Sandall
2009-08-23Revert "pulseaudio: Optionally depend on avahi for ZeroConf support"Eric Sandall
2009-08-23pulseaudio: Optionally depends on dbusEric Sandall
2009-08-23pulseaudio: Optionally depends on udevEric Sandall
2009-08-23pulseaudio: Optionally depend on avahi for ZeroConf supportEric Sandall
2009-08-23pulseaudio: Fix flags for enabling/disabling X11 supportEric Sandall
2009-08-23pulseaudio: Suggested depends on PulseAudio toolsEric Sandall
2009-04-14pulseaudio 0.9.15Ladislav Hagara