path: root/audio-drivers/jack2
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-09Update my email address (scripted)Florian Franzmann
2018-01-08jack2: version 1.9.12Thomas Orgis
2017-09-27jack2: fix buildThomas Orgis
2014-10-02jack2: added primary mirrorVlad Glagolev
2014-08-29jack2: depends on libsamplerate, also change scm option to gitThomas Orgis
2014-08-24jack2: bump to 1.9.10Thomas Orgis
2014-07-03Make several spells to use get_scm_versionIsmael Luceno
2014-03-19audio-drivers/jack2: add dependency on dbus-pythonFlorian Franzmann
2014-03-19audio-drivers/jack2: fix build error due to incompatibility with waf_buildFlorian Franzmann
2014-02-01jack2: post-update fixesVlad Glagolev
2013-02-12jack2: bump to Orgis
2013-02-12jack2: add websiteThomas Orgis
2011-09-29jack2: Use prepare_select_branchIsmael Luceno
2011-09-20jack2: fix dependencies to decidedly enable ALSA and FirewireThomas Orgis
2011-09-10jack2: bump to 1.9.7Thomas Orgis
2011-07-30audio-drivers/jack2: changed dependency on g++ to dependency on gcc with CXX ...Florian Franzmann
2010-06-22jack2: bump to 1.9.5Thomas Orgis
2010-03-22jack2: update to 1.9.4Thomas Orgis
2009-08-01jack2: Make it clear that we switch between dbus and classic frontends.Thomas Orgis
2009-08-01jack2: Actually change the version number.Thomas Orgis
2009-08-01jack2: update to 1.9.3Thomas Orgis
2009-04-14jack2: => 1.9.2Vlad Glagolev
2009-03-14jack2: => 1.9.1Vlad Glagolev
2008-12-02jack2: Add missing subversion dependencyJuuso Alasuutari
2008-07-22jack2: Add --dbus flag to DBUS sub-dependencyJuuso Alasuutari
2008-07-07audio-drivers/jack2: New spell, devel version of the JACK 2.0 audio server. (...Juuso Alasuutari