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2022-06-09tweak KDE5_FUNCTIONSTreeve Jelbert
2022-05-15KDE5_FUNCTIONS - tweaksTreeve Jelbert
2022-04-10KDE5*: prepare for qt6Treeve Jelbert
2022-02-16KDE5_* - prepare for qt6Treeve Jelbert
2020-02-18install kde5* to /usrTreeve Jelbert
2016-01-01support ninja-build-system in cmake build;Treeve Jelbert
this is enabled for all kde and qt5-cmake spells to use it, source CMAKE_CONFIGURE in CONFIGURE and use cmake-{build,install}
2015-09-05KDE5_FUNCTIONS - fix typoTreeve Jelbert
2015-06-06KDE5_FUNCTIONS - tweak kde5_buildTreeve Jelbert
2015-04-25KDE5_FUNCTIONS - set KF5DIRTreeve Jelbert
2015-04-25improve cmake builds, allow choice of prefixTreeve Jelbert
prepare for kde5 frameworks/plasma/apps