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2019-10-27md4c-0.3.4Treeve Jelbert
2019-10-13kcalendarcore: => 5.63.0Treeve Jelbert
2019-10-13kcontacts: => 5.63.0Treeve Jelbert
2019-10-10delete qtcanvas3dTreeve Jelbert
2019-10-06audio-creation/vmpk: new spell, a virtual piano midi keyboardFlorian Franzmann
2019-09-28python-typed-ast: new spell, ast module that parses type informationIsmael Luceno
2019-09-28gmpy2: new spell, GMP/MPIR, MPFR, and MPC interface to Python 2.6+ and 3.xIsmael Luceno
2019-09-26simple-mail-1.4.0Treeve Jelbert
2019-09-25science/netgen: new spell, a multiphysics finite element softwareFlorian Franzmann
2019-09-25devel/pybind11: new spell, a C++11/Python binding generatorFlorian Franzmann
2019-09-23portaudio, portaudio19: Move to audio-libs, these are not driversIsmael Luceno
2019-09-23libsodium: moved to crypto from libsVlad Glagolev
2019-09-18portmidi: new spell, Platform Independent Library for MIDI I/OIsmael Luceno
2019-09-17gcompat: new spell, GNU C Library Compatibility LayerIsmael Luceno
2019-09-17libucontext: new spell, <ucontext.h> APIIsmael Luceno
2019-09-11rpcsvc-proto: new spell, rpcsvc protocol definitions from glibcIsmael Luceno
2019-09-06musl-fts: new spell, Implementation of fts(3) for musl libcIsmael Luceno
2019-09-06wget2-1.99.2Treeve Jelbert
2019-09-02kde.gpg - update Andrius ŠtikonasTreeve Jelbert
2019-08-28vcdimager 2.0.1; deprecates vcdimager-unstableIsmael Luceno
2019-08-25asciidoc3-3.1.0.post4Treeve Jelbert
2019-08-24pinentry-dmenu: new spell, pinentry program with the charm of dmenuVlad Glagolev
2019-08-20cil: new spell, C Intermediate LanguageIsmael Luceno
2019-08-20ocamlbuild: new spell, generic build toolIsmael Luceno
2019-08-20z3: new spell, The Z3 Theorem ProverIsmael Luceno
2019-08-18perf: new spell, Linux performance analyzing toolVlad Glagolev
2019-08-14hivex: Added a library for editing Windows Registry hive filesEric Sandall
2019-08-11science/codec2: new spell, a speech codecFlorian Franzmann
2019-08-03libsignal: new spell, Signal Protocol C LibraryVlad Glagolev
2019-08-01pacc: new spell, a compiler-compilerIsmael Luceno
2019-07-30paxmirabilis: new spell, pax implementation from MirBSDIsmael Luceno
2019-07-27qtlottie-5.13.0Treeve Jelbert
2019-07-14science/openscad: new spell, the programmer's solid 3D modellerFlorian Franzmann
2019-07-14science/cgal: new spell, the computational geometry algorithms libraryFlorian Franzmann
2019-07-14graphics-libs/opencsg: new spell, a CSG libraryFlorian Franzmann
2019-07-13audio-libs/opusfile: new spell, a lib for decoding opus filesFlorian Franzmann
2019-07-12quickjs: new spell, QuickJS Javascript EngineVlad Glagolev
2019-07-10rofi: new spell, window switcher, application launcher and dmenu replacementVlad Glagolev
2019-07-09Revert "delete obsolete udev"Eric Sandall
2019-07-09FUNCTIONS: In disable_pic, check 64-bit for EM64T as well.Eric Sandall
2019-07-05gnu.gpg: added Daniel Kiper's keyPavel Vinogradov
2019-06-30kernel.gpg: added Greg Kroah-Hartman's subkeyPavel Vinogradov
2019-06-26python-pypi/python-sqlparse: new spell, a non-validating SQL parserPavel Vinogradov
2019-06-25freedesktop.gpg - add emersionTreeve Jelbert
2019-06-23net-statsd: new spell, Perl client for Etsy's statsd daemonVlad Glagolev
2019-06-23cdb_file: new spell, Perl extension for access to cdb databasesVlad Glagolev
2019-06-23cache-memcached-fast: new spell, Perl client for MemcachedVlad Glagolev
2019-06-23perl-redis: new spell, Perl binding for Redis databaseVlad Glagolev
2019-06-23io-socket-timeout: new spell, IO::Socket with read/write timeoutVlad Glagolev
2019-06-23perlio-via-timeout: new spell, PerlIO layer that adds read & write timeout to...Vlad Glagolev